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Well, he suspected of murdering his stepdaughter. Karen, Navarra sixty seven years old. And that's according to the San Jose police, please out. There are pretty smart. The woman's Fitbit clocked a rapid rise in our heart rate before a sudden drop off ten nothing helping the police put together all these clues. And then charge her Ninety-year-old stepfather with her murder. He told the San Jose police that he dropped by the step doors home to bring your some pizza is outside his own home. A few hours later witnesses stepdaughter dry by an honk with somebody else in the passenger seat. Stepfather's the account data match up at all with what they saw their surveillance footage. They also found closing his hamper covered in blood. Oh, the place that has nothing to do with my stepdaughter. I cut myself a lot not that handy with night. All right. This isn't the first time that police have used a Fitbit. A Connecticut man was arrested after his ways Fitbit data showed her last movements were more than an hour. After her husband said, she was killed by intruders in Wisconsin. Another man's Fitbit acted as an alibi the device collaborated his story during a crucial window of time and police said his living girlfriends bodies being dumped in a field. And I know what you're thinking to be fair when the victim put the Fitbit on she already died just a little bit inside. Anyway. Okay. It's coming folks. You know, what I'm talking about five G? Yes. So many people are excited about it. How fast is five G over four. Jane? Here's the deal think ten to one hundred times speedier than your typical cellular connection and even faster than anything. You get with a physical fiber optic cable going into your house with that means you'll be able to download a whole season's worth of house of cards and just a.

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