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The field so greening and as walked when you walked from the tunnel which is really dark you go out into this brilliant midday sun and it was just incredible even on television the game had a kind of technicolor quality i was in high school then a big sports fan who liked to read box scores of her breakfast but i never seen anything like this what we're seeing clearly transcends towards the us women's national team seem to be playing for more than world championship in three short weeks it has become the hottest story of the summer exceeding all expectations it was playing for a place in history and perhaps for a way to change history how would i like to bid in fine i'm julie foudy former captain of the usa women's soccer team two time olympic gold medalist fabulous shower singer there was a a real recognition and we were very cognizant of the fact that there was something greater happening beyond just you know individual accolades or even the group being successful as a whole is that there is almost a movement in hand of the power of a team coming together but to have a lasting impact to turn this moment into a movement they had to win the cup in the final the team play china to a scoreless draw through regulation after thirty minutes of overtime both teams since still failed to score the game would be decided by penalty kicks there is a lot of pressure here you never wanna to come down the pk's because it's really there's some skill involved but it's a lot luck as well.

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