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We. Were you successful? Yeah. The best time with my. One of and this is very interesting to me because how you came to America and came to be teaching You know Zen to Americans. How did that happen where? I do Jemele shoe. Has the advantage a? I think. Lady from Massachusetts Northampton. Massachusetts! Visited until she. And she asked Jim Rush to come to United States. But, because he's not heresy bustling, he couldn't so he's sent one his disciples. My Dad's brother, whose name was short, Caracal and so hugh and do math. Northampton Massachusetts, yes. Practice he's. Young American people then a house. and. He practiced theat four thinks. ABOUT THIRTY S And, he'd he'd done to Japan. So on those suburb people contain to practice by themselves, so Jim Generous asked US real. His describes to join them and I was one of them. before you know that was our seventies. Anki seventies there are many West people came to Kyoto. Do Practice thin. so-called hippies so-called here. So I'm I'm wandering. You know so when you know coach. Yama, he changed things from the way he learned from so ocoee Roshii in terms of the strictness. Of course he kept the Zaza practice is same, but chain strictness and I'm wondering when you came to America and started teaching. What did you change? What did you keep the same from what you've learned from your teacher? One thing we couldn't do it teaching. Yeah because we are not macho, enough. I was twenty six or seven. We studied English Iowa. We Japan, but our English, not good enough to to teach. That in English language barrier. Night and also we. We bought A. Five or six? It got around in the with -Chusetts sits yes on. We only had threes. We as as We have even outwear water. We beat it as endo and He made Vegetable Garden and we had a dog aware. So, we had to do. How do I? It's a shame. That was no empty temple like so ACURA. She came across. From this? So that was part of the. How do you bring that into the practice I imagined? The building of the the new center becomes pot of Zen practice. How does how does that happen? Walking. Community you are look somewhere. Is. Very important part of sodas and practice from the time of Dogan..

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