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Down mid span and then in his slammed on Delancey, I'm Rebecca Missouri next. At eight twenty one on ten ten wins. News time eight twelve and now the official ten ten wins. Accuweather four day forecast for meteorologist Carl Anderson. Call Erickson rather with this live report Carl all right Mitch we really be in the deep freeze for the middle part of next week. In the meantime, though, pretty quiet weather for the next in the near term, partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight. We're not other twenty eight fray low this air moves in tomorrow also more in the way of sunshine, high forty seven dipping into the mid twenties. Tomorrow night, partly cloudy skies and a lot of sunshine on Monday, but that trend toward the colder weather moves in with a high of thirty five and they storm system moves in from the west on Tuesday with cloudy sky, some rain toward the end of the day, high forty three then temperatures really take a nosedive Tuesday night into Wednesday changing the rain over to snow watch out. I travel a rapid freeze up expected to night into Wednesday morning. Keep checking back with ten ten wins or the next couple of days will find tune the details and the timing. Of this could be some very difficult travel for Wednesday morning commute an early high Wednesday of twenty eight then temperatures falling into the teens. You factor in those gusty winds real feel temperatures near zero and we're not icebox on Thursday with patchy clouds in a high only of sixteen right now. Thirty three degrees cloudy skies wind south at seven the current temperature thirty-three going down to twenty eight in midtown. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Eric's on New York's weather station ten way off just thinking about. It makes me shiver sports is next. Kids donate your car today with one eight seven seven Kars for Kids we're a recognized five oh, one C three charity organization. So you'll receive a maximum tax deduction. What's more you'll receive a vacation voucher of three days and two nights? Also on the web at Kars for Kids dot com. Okay. Remember, that's Kars with a K. Right. I mean that's short for bouquets thoughtful flower center, you really really should know them. In fact, Forbes honored the books on their best of list, and the top reason spectacular flowers cut fresh from the finest farms in the world mooks even has farms on the side of a volcano that produce amazing flowers federal, wow, the lucky recipient books are picked fresh and ship direct. So they stay incredibly fresh longer. What else people love about the boots value pricing without all the upsell confusion. You know, we're a nineteen ninety-five arrangement ends up costing sixty bucks plus a balloon. So whether you thoughtfully send flowers or houseplants for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays get-well-soon or just because you've got to experience books for yourself. Go to boobs dot com and save an extra twenty percent. When you enter save twenty percents off when you enter save at B, O.

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