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I for me that doesn't work. Well, you know because I don't know that's not why I'm here I'm here I think about how to grow myself how to be a better version of myself I? Mean that's not even accurate either how to expand the current version of myself in a way that I enjoy. But that's really it. You know. I mean from an acting standpoint because that's that's what I went to college for his acting. Is that like? Yes. There's a certain sense of yourself in a character, but when you can separate yourself from that and kind of live in the character so to speak like you're like you're getting. and. You're developing character and. You're analyzing it like when you look at a script and you analyze in your like I've heard in an interview where With you were, you were talking about a an emotional part of seen for a certain video game that you as got. choked up. But then like in the moment you're like wait note, this character doesn't do that and like you have to stay present in the character and yourself. What I mean for me, it's it's pretty unconscious process at this point because I've been doing it for a while but if I had to break it down I would say What. What I think I look at is. There's the common humanity or being nice 'cause they're not all humans of this character. Would all beings have things in common? There's love there's fear there's joy. There's hunger there's anger there's kindness compassionate all these different things we all experience, right. So where's the commonality there great and then there's the WHO am I of it were given who you are you have permission or not permission to do certain things given the culture or the planet. or The universe you live in certain things are are not allowed. So you might experience feel but they're not going to happen like I, think you were just referring to the mass effect seeing garrison shepherd where I got choked up and I'm like, no, no, no shepherds a soldier and in this situation, there is no cry there is get it done. You know and so I just had a step back and I got overtaken for second and like This is my goal. This is my number one right here, and then of course, on top of that, where am I who am I talking to you just happen what do I want how do get what I want would how do I turn back around try to get what want again you know like all those basic acting things and there's all that analysis and then there's just for me just stop. And let it go and just trust the flow because that's where I WANNA BE I. DON'T WANNA character. I wanted to be on the ride. And speaking speaking of female shopper. It's hard not to sort of look at that as one of those like icon ick roles. And I know you like to stay away from being a particular identity but. You can't deny the prowess of that of those games. What was it like going from like mass spec one, two and three like going on that journey with the players because I picked mill shepherd for my play through. So that was so I was right there right alongside yes. Yes. Commander let's do it. What does that look like like how was that going game after game after game? Was that? Did you feel the character bill? Did you feel more in touch with shepherd? What was that like? First of all, I don't mind being identified with the role. I don't mind it at all. I'm just not attached to it. On I really am so grateful to I love you can identify me with all of them. Certainly good on you. Real men play.

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