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We get into the second they gotta give a shout out to my man. Brian graves behind the classmates and everything happened to him. So we're all set to go and as were yes. Oh we're so. Last night. Was usc to fifty nine out in vegas and there were three title fights and one of them ended with a little bit of controversy in with me to talk about that. Good friend of mine. Been on the show before. Jose young's from if i dot com jose. Thanks for taking the time tonight. You got it boss anytime you want to china. May i'm always down all right. Well we're gonna jump right into and we're going to start with the the one that ended with some controversy outlaw island on own algae sterling. Peter yawn and that fight ended with an illegal needed ahead. And as i was watching it like like my head hurt looking at that. Yeah man it's It's unfortunate especially given the fact that both individuals are like like it's rare in today's day and age especially mixed martial arts especially in boxing. You get a fight title fight between two individuals that it's it's kind of universally accepted. They're the two best fighters at their way class. They're the physical prime of their careers We got that one this waker But really other than that. You don't get that often. It's either super fights or someone gets hurt and fills in or Someone authors along the way or it's rarely do you get these fights where it's just like the pinnacle of the of this way class of purity on alginates sterling. They talk a lot of heat. They were both on a phenomenon. Fantastic win streak so even before. Peter yawn josie allah for the title. He he said in his media day. Like if i win on probably finding housing minister like that's because of his three so it's just fortunate. A lot of people thought that it was going to be the best of the diet shaping up to be five nine four illegal blow and literally. It's it's the worst case scenario for that fight..

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