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All Right? We need to get Jason on. And? We're GONNA. Jason I, want you to really pay attention to a bar and tell us what's important if I miss anything. William Bar is going to be tested testifying here shortly. Can we bring up the audio so just so here it? In the background he is, he's been right, but we're not going to be held. He's being brought in because of. The investigation that he is doing They now say he has absolutely no credibility and he's just upon era puppet for Donald this this has been delayed because Jerry. Nadler had an accident on the way in nobody was hurt. He wasn't driving so they had to delay it but here's a guy at the head of the committee. That that says that that ANTIFA or ANTIFA is a hoax is not even real. Talking to William Bar. he's about to start here in a second jason any thoughts going in and what we should be watching for. I think the Democrats are gonNA. Come pretty strong on criticizing Operation Legend that's the operation that the trump administration was using to to employ federal law enforcement and to some of these cities like. PORTLAND, Seattle places like that where they just out of control and the Democrats refused to act They're going to criticize him on that. Their argument is going to be that. It's just a political stunt for Donald Trump's campaign and you'll. You'll see this theme. Go throughout the entire time while the Democrats talking because they want to go to paint bar as a political operative in the attorney general's Position everything you're doing. which I have never seen such theater in my life Okay Goes Adler This is of the community anytime. We we, welcome. Everyone to this morning's hearing on oversight of the Department of Justice. I Apologize. For beginning the hearing late as many of you know I was in a minor. Car Accident. On the way in this morning. Everyone is fine. Except perhaps the car. But it did cause significant delay. I thank the Attorney General in the members. For their patients and their flexibility and We will now begin, but before we begin I want to acknowledge. I went to note that we are joined. This morning by the Distinguished Majority Leader, the gentlemen from Maryland Mr Wire leader Hoyer has long recognized the need for vigorous congressional oversight of the executive branch. Under both parties, and we appreciate his presence today as we question the Attorney General. Before we begin I would like to remind members that we have established an email address and distribution list. Dedicated to circulating exhibits, motions, or other materials materials that members might want to offer as part of our hearing today. If you would like to submit materials, please send them to the email address that has been previously distributed to your offices, and we will circulate the materials to members and staff. As quickly as we can, I would also remind all members. The guidance from the Office of attending physician say that face coverings are required for meetings in an enclosed space such as this committee hearing, I expect all members on both sides of the aisle to wear a mask except when you are speaking I will now recognize myself for an opening statement. Thank you for being here. Mr Bar. According to the Congressional Research Service this is the first time you of appeared before the House Judiciary, committee. Both during your first ten years. Attorney General Thirty. Years ago. And during your current service in the trump administration welcome. One hundred fifty years ago last month in the aftermath of the civil war congress, created the Department of Justice. We did so with two missions in mind. I, we wanted to replace a system of party spoils with a core of professional government attorneys. Yes. These attorneys would be supervised by the Attorney General. And yes, the attorney general would remain a political appointee, but it's hard. The department would rely on a foundation of professionals dedicated to the impartial administration of the law and the unbiased system of justice. Said Eric Holder established the Department of Justice to enforce the nation's first civil rights laws after the civil war. From that moment on, it became army and I'm GonNa break because we can hear him talk all day long. We've already heard it. He's on CNN. He has a room to to chat. I'm going to do a commercial here because I don't want to interrupt Bob. Barr if if if we if we don't have to. Let me tell you about our sponsor. It is gold line if you are not paying attention to what is happening to gold and the dollar right now. The dollar took another hit. Gold is up over two thousand dollars now. Silver has doubled in price. I think it's twenty five dollars an ounce now for silver. If you can't afford gold, try silver. But. 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