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Mommy Sunday I hate that terminology. I hate the Daddy. Yeah dating because it's daughter Dan. We're having it's having a daddy daughter. Yes because we used to. I used to go on Mommy. Exactly Mommy sunbathes to Neil Simon movies in the Senate. That's that's my own. Therapy that terms of endearment. You know which is you know. It's I mean it's a tear jerker Because it's a film that deals with Terminal Illness Not despoil too much. But it's also a family going through different stages in their life and so there's a lot of you know points of connection it's James L. Brooks coming off of Mary Tyler Moore You know where he had great success and creating just a real real crowd-pleaser Very soapy In terms of its dynamics but also a lot of a lot of good humor So it. It's something that plays really well but the film that I probably at the time I wouldn't have said Oh. This is the better film I probably actually would have said. Terms of endearment deserves it. But I've since gone back to the right stuff Which comes out that same year in the right stuff is just so. I've I've been kind of into this moon stuff. This past year with the Fiftieth Anniversary of the moon landing and I've I've SURPRI. I surprised myself that I'm more interested in these films about Space travel than than I thought I would be But the way it handles kind of the the the breadth of the characters the scope of the narrative which covers a pretty a pretty substantial period. It could've just focused on You know a couple of the astronauts but instead it gives you you know you get the Chuck. Yeager story worked in That it's actually. It's actually quite quite rewarding so But I just. I watched it recently while I was watching. All of these moon films. And I'm like this film is just amazing. Really just it's well made While you know while acted just work so maybe you know this. I personally don't know where Philip Kaufman came from to this movie whether he had been doing. He did invasion of the body. Snatchers re the remake which is great from the Seventies. I guess it is your new kid. I guess unbearable lightness of being asked for sure programme. So yeah he kinda has like a period news kind of on it Trails off. Yeah I am equally as thrilled that you picked that movie because I love the fact that we get to talk about right stuff. I also love the fact that I don't have to pick it because I adore terms of endearment and it is. They're like apples and oranges to me. The experience of washing them totally different term than Dehrman so engrossing emotionally which I love I. It's one of my favorite movies especially in that genre and the right stuff is maybe my favorite movie about Space Race American technology. I think because it wasn't written or directed to focus on that. Yeah I mean it. The the initial intro. The the low voice talking about the sound barrier Is that brought me into the movie. More than just about any intro I can ever think of. It was amazing the acting as wonderful and it just keeps you through a story that you if you read about Ethan. Why would I wanNA watch two and a half hours on this and never pauses? It's three I think it's Oh. Yeah but the other thing is it's really it's really interesting reflection on image creation as you know because it's a film that could easily kind of make the media the bad guy in this in terms of how the media was responding to this but there was this sort of This interesting relationship between the space program and the media which was at times they fed off of each other and and then and then there's points where it turns but it doesn't it doesn't kind of demonize actually and even in showing the men who are participating in the program you see they're not just these straight up heroes in the way that you know. American narratives have built heroes. See there's just more complexity to them And Yeah it just it holds up. It does holds up and a lot. I can defend somebody choosing the right stuff that year. Because if you don't like terms of endearment there's no other possibility I mean what was the other one show. I love the big shell back in the day that does not it does not hold up. It's almost it's almost pandering. Yeah I mean when you watch it now and the dresser ever seen edible. It's yes forgettable. It's fine an antenna mercy's is so small. I do like Robert Duval's performance but it's small compared to the right stuff which is just so vast and encompasses everything and that's your fanny and Alexander. That's right because Bergman gets director nomination he does over Kaufman. Who does not go exactly. I didn't do my research. Yeah so yeah so I mean that's I mean really fanny and Alexander is in the group. That's like you know like you said with Ron. That blows there's that is just it's American bias. Skewing in a big way. Sure sure all right mark what's next for you all right your third and final. My third which this is intriguing because as opposed to the first two years or I felt that those years for movies were just very very weak. Even if you look things nominated not nominated things that got other nominations. But not beck's picture. They're weak years. This is the exact opposite my pick for nineteen ninety nine is the insider which lost to American beauty The other films nominated that year. Were the CIDER house rules. Match the most Ma- nominee. I think I could possibly think of during my lifetime. the Green Mile which I hate Other than some you know politically sensitive aspects isn't a bad movie and the sixth sense which I enjoyed my still enjoy now but I don't think anybody would argue that m night. Shyamalan should've been getting Oscars for it that year however stands out to me because of the movies that were around and were well known and well loved and did not get nominated over and above those movies. Those include being John Malkovich the town. Mister Ripley the end of the affair. The straight story all of which I really like as well as things like Magnolia and boys don't cry and learning beyond the classics last fall. Wonderful Nineteen Ninety nine the year the year that people say now is the year of the great year and Phil has already know. I like nineteen seventy nine and most people regard thirty nine as a wonderful year. Eighty nine eighty nine ninety. The Matrix ends up winning the most Oscars. Maybe yeah maybe winds are four. I think but I think that There was it was kind of a plurality year and so it was kind of like those like last year. Where you mean rhapsody one the most Oscar keep that in the record I A. I had a habit of tracking both tallying for previous years and then tracking since they started doing this. How many total movies got nominations in the top six categories picture director and all the acting? Yeah I think. Nineteen ninety nine is one of the years that had the most or close to the Momo's shares shared the wealth. And all the ones that I just mentioned got nominations in maybe an actor director. Is there a split between director and picture that year there is not American? Almost wins gets the like quint. Fact I guess fest actor if and that betting blank that like one of those one night raccoon rudeness Console Lamb's ears so you pick the inside. I did and having watched that also recently. I was most impressed. That as opposed to the American American beauty which to me is just a half baked updated. Version of Portnoy's complaint. I thought it was. I thought it was an updated. Three's company even but.

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