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There is one welcome to when slovenia and like you know with pay of paintings there is way heard the news right doesn't matter there was there is one you know there was like a painting of t o n mcnabb and they were it was like a campaign trailer further hall of fame candidacy and i was like i kind of respect that but i didn't know there is there's so many of those silly thing to be driving around with her he eagled side note eagles van still embraced teo they should i forgive bannon sorry sorry no no no other guy so yeah we uh we got some soft pretzels and and crab fries and then we went around and played like washers have you ever play that game now leads names in the parking lot that we went inside and i all rosy in the press box so after he was like why are you here like you should be with your people enjoy i said and you have friends here because i know he's gonna got no reason the tout to tell us you know a few days later just created because this i feel like you're rosenthal this this passionate like island guy i'm not is the not looking at play ocular morales a good coach i could see him coming up with something to be whereas the wolves i wa young weekday rosy were boy it it is still willing i out with me i was excited i picked the eagle's i did do i to do so rosy was like don't you have friends here and i was like you know what i do have friends here and i'm going to go see them so i have some friends they have a box at the link so i went and i hung out with them and it's a it's actually the woman that i went and met up with she's the reason why gotten a sports and it was my first internship ever was a sports radio station and she was like sort of my mentor and she's like a really close family friend so it was.

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