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W Y PC mobile news on the level on the go, E M P be asking for your help, mostly clear and cold, overnight sunny and warmer Tuesday. I'm Stan Lear. Here's what's trending this hour. Two women were murdered early Monday morning, and Indianapolis Chris Davis reports. One of the women is a shanty. Robinson, identified by Marion County Coroner Alfie Belushi, was just 21. The identity of the other woman who was shot and killed is being withheld right now, until our family is notified. Unity is essential to us being able to identify Perpetrators. These have two defenses and get those individuals off the streets. Lieutenant Shane fully with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, he says, if you know anything about what went down just after midnight at the post, Brooke East apartments near 40th and Cordell call I m p d or Crimestoppers, Chris Davis 93. W I. B C Mobile News brings thousands of people downtown. Every May the 500 Festival, many marathon and five K. Rob Condit reports. This year's event will be virtual once again because of the pandemic. It was a hard decision, says President and CEO Bob Bryant did not come lightly and truthfully, we turned over every corner you could think of turning over. But he said the large event wasn't something they could just scale down. I think people need to remember the scale of this event the thousands of volunteers to get involved the medical support staff that gets involved, you know, even I am PD and others in the security of the route, and they made the announcement on money. Day to give everyone a couple months to prepare. Rob content Network Indiana, So have is a virtual mini marathon work. Rob will have that story Tuesday morning. On the level on the go and on Wi be si dot com. Now here's the forecast from the American Standard Heating Weather Center. Clear, breezy and cold. Tonight is temperatures fall to the low twenties in the overnight hours tomorrow, warming up slightly expect highs in the mid forties under mostly sunny skies. I'm Storm track, a chief meteorologist. Actually, Grandma 93 wi be see you. Colorado Group has eight brands to choose from. And thousands of.

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