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Twenty four minutes before the hour on Tuesday mornings. I live at pretty much says it all don't stand. So close to me is something politicians do perhaps it's an older political kind of thing. And the thing that older politicians do from the earlier era. But you know, I've never seen Moore. Human beings touching each other than politicians. You know, you see some of these. It's interesting to watch some men, especially some of these may even older men Capitol Hill, you see them in in the halls of congress, or in the cloakroom, some of these guys who you might even think are homophobes, they're always I mean, they'll they'll walk arm in arm with one of their colleagues, they put an arm on their shoulders. They're always touching each other. If it's part of a generational thing. It's part of a thing from the days when politics was much more retail kind of one on one kind of thing, you're always touching. You. Don't just shake a hand. It's a two handed shake, it's an arm on the shoulder. It's it's sort of the cultural thing, but it's it's fading. It's different. Now, we have we have different sensibilities because a lot of people don't like to be touched. I don't like to be touched by strangers. And yet, I'm a person who likes to touch people that I like, you know, put a hand on a shoulder. You know, that sort of thing my son's thirteen I still kiss him on the head even in front of his friends. He doesn't seem to while he's gotten used to it because he doesn't have choice. But you know, it's it's. Those days are gone. You can't do that anymore. And there are still some folks who do that. I remember the picture of this goes back to George W Bush. You might remember at a big economics summit over in Europe. And there's a picture of Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany and arguably the most powerful woman in the world sitting there minding our own business, and George W Bush the American president walks up behind her and puts his hands on starts giving her a shoulder. Neck rub quite by surprise. And as you she looked very very shocked. I mean, she didn't like him much to begin with. And that really kind of you know, that shocked her I don't think she thought she was being sexually assaulted. It was just like why are you putting your hands on me? And it's surprising me like that. But that's what the politicians of a certain age. You know, think is okay. Joe Biden is one of those folks he's you know, he's been around. He's been in Washington for forty years, and he's a very very touchy feely guy. He's a very warm and sensitive, man. It's. Kind of thing that makes him popular. Even you know, a lot of those Senate Republicans who might attack him in public. They all like him personally. He's just one of those one of those people it's hard to be around and not like, but the time has passed where you can just go up and put your hands on somebody or kissed him on the head or rub their nose. You know, one of those eskimo knows rub things can't do it. So that's what we're facing in two thousand twenty and we're going to get your up to date on where we stand now with a second allegation that the former vice president touched a woman in a way that she felt was inappropriate. Steve Kastenbaum tells us it took place in Connecticut ten years ago, Michael it was during a fundraiser in Greenwich in two thousand nine when Amy Lotto's claims, then vice president Biden grabbed her by the head pulled toward him and rubbed noses with her. She I told her story on the Facebook page. Connecticut women in politics in an interview with the Hartford current lap. Oh said it wasn't sexual. But at first she thought he was going to kiss her on the mouth. She told the newspaper that she felt Biden crossed the line of respect that it wasn't grandfatherly. She said something like that is quote, not cultural. It's not affection. It's sexism and misogyny end quote lap. Bose said if Biden truly supports women and gender equality. He would step aside and support one of the many talented and qualified women who are running for president her story came to light just a few days after Nevada politician went public with a story about something that happened to her at a rally in twenty fourteen state assemblywoman Lucy Flora's claims Biden put his hands on her shoulders smelled her hair, and then kissed the top of her head floors spoke about it on CNN state of the union. I fully recognize that that this behavior. Never do. I claim that this was that rises to the level of a sexual assault or anything of that nature. What I am saying is that it's completely inappropriate that it does not belong to any kind of a professional setting much less than. In politics. And that is something that we should consider when we are talking about the background of a person who is considering running for president some donors who are at that fundraiser in Greenwich in two thousand nine said the photo ops with the vice president were in good fun and Biden did nothing inappropriate. When asked about this latest claim a spokesperson for Biden referred reporters to the statement. He released on Sunday it he said he never once thought he acted inappropriately. He said, quote, I mean, not recall these moments the same way, and I may be surprised at what I hear. But we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences and men should pay attention, and I will end quote, Michael. All right. Thanks, Steve Kastenbaum, reporting four first light where we are. Now at nineteen minutes before the hour. I have to stop myself. Sometimes, you know, you wanna just touch somebody on the arm or maybe walk up get their attention. Give them a little tap. I don't even do that anymore. Because you know, it's just it's. A different time and you need to respect people's boundaries. Are the concept of personal space has gotten stronger in recent years and rightly so women don't want to be manhandled or touched inappropriately or even you know, you don't wanna get too close. You don't wanna do that? So where are we in the presidential race? It's very interesting here that. You know, people think well Biden is too old to run to begin with. But you know, one of the things about presidential elections is we tend to on the opposite direction from what we had before. And it's interesting that in the Democratic Party, the two people pulling the best right now are the oldest candidates in the race couple of old stirs. You have Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, they're the most popular of the presidential contenders. Of course, a lot of that could just be name recognition at this point. But it sort of reminds me back in in California when they when voters they're elected governor Jerry Brown to a second round as governor he'd been governor forty years before he was governor. And I think he was elected for the first time in nineteen seventy four served a couple of terms left politics for awhile came back in and wasn't attorney general and the mayor of of Oakland, and then ran for for governor again and he replaced an outsider showbiz personality. Arnold schwarzenegger. So it could be the same kind of thing happening again. It's interesting that the support for these older candidates, and even for Jerry Brown came from young people who maybe saw something comforting in the fact that there was somebody who had been around who share. As many of their of their ideology and goals, and and has experience, and as the opposite of the person that they just had a governor Schwarzenegger was not popular by the end of his term. He was not seen as a specially effective. And so, you know, it could happen, but has the time passed for a guy like Joe Biden with that hands on retail style of politicking we'd like to find out what you think eight hundred seven three six three six six six eight hundred seven three six three six six six. Give us a call. And we'll.

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