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Go with the f. on. That one I'm going to go with yes. As well Alex Holdsworth, Michael Jackson Stevie Wonder. Who's saying. That's okay Nikki. Will kill me if, you want to hear. It again Yeah It. Again Michael jackson Fearless on, CD wonder it is I was wrong It would kill Alex's. Answered I. Knew all right. Let's go Michael you can tie. This puppy up this going to be. A good one very curious to see if you'll know, this. One will Alex we'll Randy know who sings this. Classic eighty song Alex Classic eighty. Song we'll. See, no this is Madonna Pat Benetton or Toni, basil God Deep inside the the thought process of a millennial. Nonsense I'm I gotta, get back to your advice at. The beginning and say. No doubt the money doesn't know Randy was Madonna Pettman Toni basil All. Right we go into the break Brad holding ace limit. Three to two, lead, as they play millennial match game we'll do the final segment I'm Legno, match game when we come back. Doing great so far. Ranging Alex And listen Brad and, Michael, this is tough because it's not about your knowledge it's about their knowledge. In and you guessing so. It's three two two we'll be right back filed dish. Of millennial match game Corey carrier WSB twenty four hour travel by SRI Carroll county I twenty eastbound at state route one thirteen nineteen waves blocked heavy delays. Us highway seventy eight as an alternate good news watching. The WSB jam Cam. Gwinnett county eighty five northbound at Pleasantville road a saw that was blocking the center. Lane now moved over to the right shoulder just, seen onlooker delays there and still watching a stall big rig Cobb County I. Seventy five northbound pass Chastain road exit to seventy one blocking a right. Way this report brought..

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