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But if he can't go who would you replace them with if your team usa. Well good question. I mean. I guess i go i who sort of similar equivalent is. Cj mccollum in terms of you can go ahead and school. But i know he turned down an invitation or not. I think he did in the past. But you would be you get someone like games available. I just wanted to have this now. Affects anyone who beale has been around potentially based on the court with because they played three games arrogance. Australia nausea julian argentina in pretty quick succession. So exactly when. Bill was around somebody on guessing who has corona virus. What does that mean. As far as implicating everybody else who shared the cool with him or a bus ride with him or You know any sort of contact with being in sort of a closed environment. Because i would guess bill is being vaccinated through at this point. I think pretty much everyone who is in the nba has been so. I wonder if that does limit how much the other people didn't have to be concerned themselves whether or not they've been possibly exposed to the virus if that's what bill has 'cause i don't think it's even being confirmed that he has the virus yet so these health and safety so yeah. Yeah so we'll see. They promoted the americans did garlan siddiq bay and then kelvin johnson off the select team to fill in in these exhibition games for the three guys in the finals that are going to be on. This team drew holiday devon booker. Chris middleton so it's possible maybe one of those guys again. If bill can't play on this team task maybe they go to one of those guys. Maybe like trae said like. Hey this is an opportunity to get another big because loves not really playing and and do we have enough with bam and green. We'll see here. But i guess in the end we're hoping bills just just on the squad but anything adia expect them to bring one of those call ups. I think it would be a little bit nuts to bring somebody when you're already struggling in the chemistry department you know off the off in the offseason from the off season off the the the couch really i understand. If it's maybe somebody you're playing right now are just played in the conference finals. If trae young wants to come. But i i would just roll with whoever's there and from the select team as being a backup backup and try and go with the guys you got. I wouldn't mess with this. Chemistry already. Bringing booker middleton and holidays a little bit of a chemistry question but those guys will be feeling and feeling good so this is definitely hit but i. I think you wrote the guys that you've got this. Tournament is starting eight days So they gotta be. I would stick. It's kind of strange to bring somebody from from the couch. Hopefully tatum's right me is not like that big a deal. He's back in the starting lineup. And then maybe zach levine. Who filled in for. Tatum takes a bill. Sorta starting position. And you're okay with him as you're starting to guard but we'll see and i'm sure we'll get more news on bradley beal a little bit later today like tk said.

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