Patrick Shanahan, Pentagon, President Trump discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan for the fulltime job as AP Washington. Correspondent saga megani reports. Shanahan had a relatable response. Shanahan told Pentagon reporters he called his mom to tell her super happy. He's been acting Defense Secretary since Jim Madison resigned, January first very unusual arrangement for arguably the cabinets most sensitive post Shanahan had no government experience before serving as Madison's deputy, but he's been thrown into dealing with North Korea and most recently Iran with the US said, he aircraft carrier there this week after what President Trump called threats from Tehran. We have information that you don't wanna know about Shanahan knows what's in store if he's confirmed as the Pentagon's fulltime chief have to spend a lot of. Saga megani Washington? The Bruins rally in the third period to beat the hurricanes and the opening game of the Eastern Conference. Final correspondent, Jeff and cool. Boss says the scoring came in quick succession a pair of power-play goals. Twenty eight seconds apart in the third period helped the Bruins rally past the hurricanes for five to win in game one of the Eastern Conference final markets. Yo Anson's rebound goal was seventeen. Thirty four remaining tied the game at two nearly a half minute later. Patrice Bergeron scored the winner Charlie Coyle and Chris Wagner at an empty netters to give the Bruins their first win this postseason when trailing after two periods. Greg McCague put the canes up to two one midway through the second. Boston Steven kampfer and Carolina's Sebastian Aho swapped goals in the I guess and cool ball Boston US in China trade. I'm Ed Donahue, the AP news minute. President Trump says there was no need to rush to get a trade deal with China hours after he raised tariffs on two hundred billion dollars in Chinese goods. Escalating a battle over China's technique. Ambitions trade talks continue economist, Diane Swonk says it will take some time for these terrorists to take affect and they think they're still hoax out there that they'll come to some kind of deal before they actually make it from China to hear the chairman of the House Judiciary committee, Jerry Nadler, says special counsel, Robert Muller won't appear before his panel next week, despite the committee's hope that Muller would testify on may fifteenth an exhibition hockey game was played in Moscow involving former National Hockey League players and guess who scored eight goals..

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