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Many of us are not living hand to mouth with no other options and yet we wasted because we watched the seventh episode of emily harris instead of figuring out how to explore a frontier. So the dramatic visual one is. I built a canoe in my backyard over the last five months and from scratch using hundreds of sticks. Wow but every day. I do something small engaging with human in a way that doesn't feel like wrote to be And that for me is the practice of that first time thing of saying i might not know this person very well might not have been in this situation before. How can i engage with them. In a way where they are actually seen and i had a conversation with a woman this morning that i think. Help us a lot. Because i saw the journey that she was on a creator and i was on thin ice in how i was talking about it but i was helpful and that was thrilling. I think for both of us. Because i don't want to get into the business of doing wrote so when i think of that and then i think of paddling my canoe on sugar pond. The i'm trying. I'm trying to do things for the first time. Says i was wondering this is my request. I was wondering if you could read something that you include in the practice titled the forty five ways which is a list of forty five ways. We sacrifice our work to our fear so a small preface. These contradict each other on purpose and this list is not complete. There are at least forty five ways. We sacrifice our work to our fear stall expand the project so it cannot move forward shrink the project so that it doesn't matter ship crap. Don't ship work. That can be improved by others. Refused to listen to generous. Critics eagerly listen to well meaning but chicken hearted critics sacrifice the work for the commercial. Short-term hide from deadlines become a diva compromise on the good parts compromise on the hard parts. Assume that inspiration lies in a bottle or pill. Don't go to work work all the time. Wait for the news. Talk about the work too early looking furvhes into abandon it. Don't talk about the work with the right people crippling define the work as you and you as the work making it.

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