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Think can we go over to odds and Ed's absolutely I okay so okay? Putting that whole intro section aside this book was long it was felt like eight hundred. Felt like it really felt it was. It was eight masquerading as six. Yeah Corky is such a God damned It is my on. What's what's the chimpanzee bad guys name in the power. Puff girls. Oh Holy Shit Mo Jo. Yeah Yeah Mojo for sure. We are thrilled to be reading. Our favorite author favorite author Dinkins sphere author Geen Kunst who is a conservative on points of law. Enforcement and Neo Libertarian. On everything else. What are your Ogden's yes. It's nice to agree with an author for once Boy howdy man. It is just so good to be raiding my favorite author of all time Dean Uncle Dean Kootz. I gotta say after producing literally dozens of episodes about this literary giant it. Just it's still puts a big old smile on my face to read another knockout punch by the Kunstler. Also also feel that this is important. Google docs did not catch Kunstler as a spelling error. So that just goes to show you greatest of all time Dean Koontz You know each just. Every time I get to sit down and read another two hundred pages of Dean Koontz thriller. It causes my heart to flutter. And you know what's funny is that we've actually never done a dean. Koontz bio section so lazy. Yeah I know. What are the chances after doing so? Many episodes of the Dean Koontz Boo Club. That Mu Phoenix Phoenix never brought us to the bio section. We'll phoenix you're such a history guy. Why don't you don't you take this? Yeah I'll definitely read. This bio section that Phoenix. Crockett wrote So Dean was born in Nineteen Forty five which makes him seventy four at the time of this recording. He was born in a small town in Pennsylvania. His early life was defined by abuse at the hands of his father But also by inspiration by his mother he was a bright student and won several writing awards in his life including in award from Atlantic magazine during his Senior Year of University at Shippensburg College. I think I'm pronouncing that right. I think you have to pronounce it kind of Jaunty like that. You know ship ship. Shippensburg makes more sense. Steven just went in and edited the script live. So we'll keep that fuck it. He worked as a teacher and also as an aide in the Appalachian Poverty Program where he was disturbed by misuse of funds This is where he developed his libertarian. Conservative stance on American politics which we just live for here. The Dean Koontz Boo Club. He also voluntarily converted to Catholicism. Which is a thing you can do apparently because he mind. We're not shooting at anyone who's voluntarily converted to Casaus Zayn. I know people who've done now. I've literally never like because I was raised Catholic and I've just never heard of anyone join in the fray. It's not my mom did that. She like went to the Kladno Kid. That's fascinating well. The more you know so. He did it because he admired the quote intellectual rigor before completing his first of many science fiction novels he married his Spouse Gerda at age twenty one and they remained together he has published under no less than four but possibly up to six pseudonyms with the best selling of which being Brian. Coffee which is like. It's it's spelled like the drank. A different he is active in the world of animal rescue and his dogs are an important part of his life which I can empathize with. He is the sixth best paid author in the world tied with John. Grisham Gresh Gresh Gresh. Grisham Yeah Gresham Steven tell me what do you think about the wife of our favorite author. Dinkins wow I have never read a bio with less in common with my own life. I've never I've never been reading and been like wow. I can't even relate to one thing about this. I think we should take it over to fear. No passage our best up section.

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