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Fill one eight hundred six hundred seventy four forty five Dan mandis in for philvalentine. Hope you are doing. Well. And I always appreciate having you along on the field Valentine show, by the way, Johnny b also he is out this week. So sitting here just kind of decompressing after a weekend of hearing, former President Obama, and he's saying all kinds of things basically he is trolling President Trump. And this is what we're going to be hearing for I would say the next couple of years, certainly during the midterms, and then it'll be all hands on deck for the Democrats and former President Obama heading into the presidential election of two thousand twenty and you know, I think that when we talk about the Democrats I've been talking about how tone deaf they are. But I love absolutely love white President Trump had to say because you know, what happens. We know the news cycle, and we know exactly how the media acts. And so you've got former President Obama he's running around. And he's he's criticizing President Trump at every turn and one of the things that you have to realize, and that's kind of joking around. Before we went into the previous commercial break. We're talking about how just to retrace very briefly about how former President Obama talking about how we all just need to work together. You know, there's not a thing that we can't accomplish. If we all work together. And anybody who pays attention? Even even a modicum of attention would know that for the Democrats. They have absolutely no intention of working with the Republicans and the Trump administration. We know that now Dorian is in Missouri. And she's on the Phil Valentine show. Hi dorian. How are you? I'm good, thanks for taking my call. Yeah. You're spot on. I mean, all I hurled he's talking about working together and traditions of our country. What would he know about either one of the I don't recall ever reaching out to any body in eight years? You did what you were told. If you did there to disagree. You were a racist or a Neanderthal or whatever I mean, even get off lecturing anybody about those. Yeah. But but but but but Dorian let me ask you a question. So do you think that president former President Obama, do you think he is more of a unifying figure for the Democrats are for the the Republicans because I think if there's one thing that all Republicans can agree on regardless of what shade of red. You are is that former President Obama is most certainly a lightning rod. Correct. Correct. Frankly, I think karma casco's gonna be the same thing in Missouri. It'll be the unifying force for the Republicans here in Missouri. There you go enduring I appreciate the call. Thank you very much. Yeah. We're we're talking about. I was talking about all the things that Obama his done over the years and Democrats have done over the years, especially the last couple of years calling for the president to be impeached calling for those working the Trump administration to be harassed. We all know, the the town hall meetings that the Republicans were trying to hold and they kept getting interrupted by screaming liberal screaming. Democrats who would come in and simply not allow the town hall meetings to take place we all know 'cause we've been talking about this ad nauseam Obama unleashing the intelligence communities on Trump changing the policy in the last couple of weeks of his Obama's administration changing policy on information sharing. So all of the Intel all of the anti Trump Intel on his campaign could be leaked to the media. We know about all this. We know about the media. And Democrats colluding with each other to take down and hijack this president and his presidency and his administration his agenda. We know all about this. So it's it's really insulting and infuriating for Obama to come out and say that we need to work together. So of course, the media then comes running after President Trump to find out what his reaction was to Obama's speech. And here's what he had to say. I fell asleep. I've found is very good. Very good for sleeping. I think he's trying to take credit. He was trying to take credit for this incredible thing that's happening to our country. If the Democrats get an I have to say this to President Obama, and it wasn't him. But would have been the same thing if the Democrats got in with their agenda in November of almost two years ago on instead of having four point two up. I believe honestly, you'd have four point two down you'd be negative. You'd be a negative numbers. Also, here's the deal. And I'll and I'll be honest. We don't know if Hillary guide into office. We don't exactly specifically know what she would have done. And what what congress you would have inherited. And we we don't know any of that. But what we do know is that the Trump economy right now is working. So there is no reason I I would say to debate that I think the only thing that people are trying to debate right now is who. Gets credit for the unemployment numbers in who gets credit for this recovery because the recovery slowest recovery that we've had but a did start under the Obama administration. However, when Trump took over because of the confidence that a lot of folks had in the economy, and in President Trump, then it seems to me like the the economy really began to get better and job started coming, and I wanted to go through I don't want to have to sit here and go through all this. But you gotta realize that the things that President Trump has done is helping the economy, whether it's it's corporate tax reform tax reform, generally speaking, the more money that people are getting the bonuses that people got more and more people are working, we all just know that. And so it's it's rather ridiculous. At least at least for me to keep going over the same points over and over again because we all know what Obama is trying to do. Serena. Well. Williams. So this is for whatever reason something that the internet is really focused on. So you know that she is an incredible tennis player. She is a lot of people say she is one of the best athletes in the world. I'm not going to dispute that I'll be honest with you. I don't know a lot about tennis. But what I do know is is a lot about sadly because I'm seeing it all the time is bad behavior. Now, maybe you heard about what happened over the weekend at the US open. She has an absolute meltdown, and she's blaming it on sexism. So let me set the scene for you the empire. His name is Carlos Ramos. And and they're on the courts of the US open. And this is the biggest tennis match there is out there. And and Serena Williams, who by the way, is she has had a lot of run ins over the years with Pires. And so this is just the latest. And so apparently there is a rule in tennis that. You're not supposed to get any kind of coaching from your coach who is on the sidelines or the empire Ramose apparently saw the coach of Serena Williams, give her some some hand signals and so the empire. And by the way, it's important to note that the coach more tog Lou he actually toll. He actually admits. Yes, I was giving Serena some hand gestures or some hand signals. She didn't see them, but he admits to breaking the rule and so the empire Carlos Ramos called it and penalized at Serena Williams, and she absolutely.

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