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Free versions of the podcast and the other is every month. We do one of these. Ama episodes asked me anything episodes so near the end of the month. I put up a post on patriot fan and anyone who's a patriot. Supporter can ask a question. And i try. Don't always succeed but i try my best to answer every question that is asked in this episode represents that so these episodes these ama recordings are published on patriae on near the end of the month. In fact this one your about to listen to if you're going to listen to. It came out at the beginning of november just before the presidential election which seems like years ago. Now but what happened is a lot of the patriot. Supporters by their own initiatives. Said it'd be better if we could. Share the results of the ama widely not just to patriot supporters so patriotic supporters will continue to get the benefit of being able to ask questions on the ama but going forward. Anyone will be able to listen to the answers. So we're gonna make it just a regular part of the mindscape feed it won't replace the regular episodes so won't get a number We're gonna release these episodes in the middle of the month. So the patriots supporters. Get a week or two. After the ama came out to listen to it and know in their hearts that only they have been able to hear it. And then we're gonna send it out to everybody. So as i always say here. No pressure to join on patriot or anything like that where the heavy community whether or not money is exchanging hands. But i would like to convey my thanks to patriot community for suggesting that we share these ama episodes more widely. So these words. I'm saying right. Now are replacing. The intro i did for the actual ama that the patriots supporters heard. Because i was only talking about the election. That was gonna come up in a day or two not really relevant anymore going forward. This is going to be The same intro that you get for the wide thing and for the patriots supporters usually babylon for a couple of minutes about something that has been going on in the last week. Then we dive into the questions. So let's do that. Let's go then..

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