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Over geo show G out sick today. The draft day for round tonight from Nashville as we continue to go through that will take your calls all morning, Mitch Yankees as well one thing, and we were just talking a little bit in the break. Just quickly on the tyreek hill thing with Kansas City menaces again, the details are sketchy other than we know that something happened to their three year old him and his fiancee that is and the three year old broke on. Right. So I had his arm broken. Now, the prosecuting attorney or the district attorney, whatever it was came out and said that they do believe a crime was committed, but they can't get all the evidence to support it enough to where they would without a doubt be able to convict the one thing. You don't like I don't know how you're supposed to answer this question. But did you see Andy Reed's comments, quote were full steam ahead? I'm not here to judge them here to coach how about just no comment. I don't know. I don't that reads bad when you got a kid that's hurt. And what's going on? They believe something happened. And just say that my initial reaction is to exploded this because it's just so frustrating and because tyreek hill does have a significant past of domestic violence with his current fiance. He was warned he that's why he fell in the draft because of his off the field problems that he had in college. Everybody thought that he had turned it around and everything else. And now all of a sudden this comes and the police had been called to their house twice. How many times the policeman call the house? They haven't been many times the policeman called your house zero. I've called nine one one though when other people, and I see things you when people don't put their garbage way or recycling. I know about you know, never I mean, so this is like been an issue between these couple has fiancee's in him, and they have a three year old. It's children raising a child, and I know that I think child welfare services are involved out there in the county out in Missouri. Now the NFL's going to do their investigation. Now, the NFL has a different set of standards again. And we're gonna find out about those standards. I'm sure Lisa Friel. Who's the, you know, we'll be the lead investigator for the NFL. We'll go in there and try to find out as much information as they possibly can if they find that tyreek hill is not truthful to them. They can go pretty heavily on a suspension or with think that a lot of child advocacy advocates out. There are going to. We're gonna wanna power Fleischer. They are they are. And this kid is basically teetering on either leave losing his entire career. It's close has to be there can't be there's no they can't be an understanding. You know, the police are called twice to the house the young man, the kid, the three has a broken arm. The DA says we believe a crime is committed. But we can't get the two witnesses to turn on each other. Why because they're protecting his contract for sure. And from their standpoint, you understand that remember the NFL does not have the same the same standard of evidence here or proof as a quarter of law does and they can come down pretty heavy on him. And if he says anything to them in their investigation that could be used against him and his fiancee in the court of law out in out in Missouri. And that's why the court out there is basically saying look this case is not closed. They said it's not they will be invisible formation that comes along. Then we'll use that information to our best ability. But yeah, it was. That was a sad sense. I don't know why you just wouldn't charge both of them. And then see what happens. See if one of them roles on the other to save themselves. I've watched law and order, I guess, I don't know. I just it just doesn't seem right to me. Here is adamant Selden. I this hour on the fan and CBS sports network, boomer and geo it's up Adam from this studio my home. The NFL draft tonight so excited for the day. Yeah. It's like. Okay. We got the window thriller. Later on my on my lawn mower. And if I got time, I might show much no with, but anyway, joking aside, all you hear the topic. Yup. Jets. Given the current Roger situation swimming, all three players equal on paper. They're all going to be pro bowlers top at their position. Who do you take based on position alone? Given that we're going to run a three flow at Greg. And I so here's the deal. Greg Williams won't we'll have a guy a player in mind that he'll go to Mike macaques. Look, if if you asked me, which I would want this is who I would want obviously all reports or pointing to at all which is fine with me, by the way. I mean because I think that kids junkyard dog. He was one of the top picks starting the college football season. And did not do anything to take away was performance on a field. Did not do anything to take away from a very high draft pick being worthy of that. But I by personally believe that Quinn and Williams is the best player. I don't necessarily know that they feel like they want him in three or four configuration. I don't know what these play end or whatever. But Mike mcalinden string of having. Maybe the best player in the draft falling to them could continue to happen for them. But I also know that they need players, and they they would like to recapture some of the draft capital that they use last year to get Sam. So they they will look they're going to they're going to try to trade out whether or not they can find the right partner or feel like there's going to be a guy there when they do select that will be an impact player for them. If they have to go all the way to nine ten or twelve only time will tell but I I would hope that they come out of this with either Alan Quinton Williams or at Oliver. That's how I feel. Let me ask you Haskins Hoskins Haskins Hoskins go, which one comes to mind. I task ins Haskins, Dave and Florida next up with boomer and Jerry on the fan and CBS sports network. What's up, Dave? Hey, guys, always big fan. That's the first time call, but I just kind of curious about this so much hype on Atkins all the time when you look at the history of Ohio State quarterback and urban Meyer's list of quarterbacks to come up with the name of Alex Smith, and Bobby holier over the last thirty years here, though, I mean why? Why not put a little bit more investment in the research? The mother quarterback they can get deepened around of like bringing or maybe like a Brent Rippin who has a pedigree, or you know, garner Menchu out of the way. Look there may be a guy out there. I don't know. I, you know, you just never know. This whole thing's a crap shoot, you know, that I know that everybody in follows the NFL draft realizes that for me when I see on film, and the performance that I saw from Haskins is the hype around him that I created back in on January second grease worth. It is worth it. Absolutely worth it. And make no mistake boomer created the hype because I know whole lot about this kid until you came in that day and when all in on Dwayne Haskins. Honestly, I mean, you watch highlights here and there, but not put it this way before you came in that day. I never in a million years thought top five pick until you went all in on this not we did this the other day because of the amount of time. I spend on the NFL on Sundays. I spend very little time on college football. I don't know from. Time to time. I'll sit down and watch a game. I'm not spending twelve hours on a Saturday. Like Eddie does. And so have you heard of them short? Did you know a lot about him? No. I really didn't. And then you were all in on him. You start looking good player. Okay. But top five pick that morning you came in. No, I also read a lot of the comments from the people around him is high school football coach is high school principal. His Shawn springs his mentor, the people at Ohio State urban Meyer. I talked to him. Personally, you read about what is he made say about him. So all of that stuff is really key. Yeah. Is he pudgy? Okay. Yeah. Is he slow foot maybe a little bit? I got saquon Barkley in the backfield. He's got the feet the run with it. That's in this quarterback has basically been again, I say this. And the reason I say it this way is because this was the mindset that he has he's been playing seven on seven football year round since he was eight or nine years old. So in seven on seven football. What do you do? You don't run with the football. You stand back. There you read coverages and you try to put the ball where the defender isn't. And where you're wide receiver tight end running back and make a play for you. And that's all this kid has been doing for the last twelve years was groomed for bright. So when you watch them on film, what you see is a a very fundamentally sound. On football player who does all has all the characteristics of a big strong armed well oiled quarterback that stands in the pocket. And I would say probably thirty of the thirty two teams in the NFL like the play football that way. And that's the best way to play football. And I think that that's why this kid I believe does have all the characteristics of what I think is going to be great NFL quarterback. One more before the break. You've been hold on a while. Mike in Brooklyn. What's up? Yeah. Monning dies money. I want to say something about the morning until they say like the show this show on WFAN or something, but they should say something more positive like the most efficient or most incisive like that. That's what I'm talking about. Mike make it more positive grief. Fifteen minutes most efficient like that. I went to the Mets game yesterday with my son. Oh, man when that guy hit that home run, my ninety year old grandmother could Iran around. It was sending a message Mike, you know, that look this thing. I like what the pitcher said though. Because in that sense. We don't really have to worry about anymore retribution. It might be over because they say, you know, he got me and he did. And you know, what you know, what I'm type of hits with soon is that run scores. The homerun goes everyone based stadium that was one of those things. So when he was pouring into some way up in the Senate. They will be okay. Let's go Philly louder than the men like it was in bad, not bad. But you don't have to three two three. It was six nothing. You understand the point of view a met fan? I would've left to we had our fifth starter on the mound. We're not thinking we're gonna win. Unfortunately, no, he did on his fault. But I will say this Vince Velazquez started for the Phillies. I would not have expected to get shut out last night. That would be the one thing that you don't like. And there's there's a bunch of articles released a couple that I saw and I find this comical, and maybe it will prove to be true that Jacob Rame woke up a sleeping giant by what he did to raise. It was one nothing in the eighth inning last night. And the Mets had chance after chance after chance to score sleeping giant was lying down all night until they had an opportunity late quickly..

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