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Numbers are looking better today will get a report on that more coming up here in a moment your drive right now get a job well the tech center better Susan just drove a drive in the tech center south of I. twenty five Hampton W. dry creek sailing now but thirty minutes ago it was backed up big di bike crash at dry creek all that's gone in the back of save the dissipative well heavy traffic on the cherry creek dam road this morning two two five is load up both coming out of a roar and down toward the tech center so about two to five heavy before I left you've got a real busy and slow drive on eastbound I. seventy well part of it but yeah the sun but it is really slow because of a pair of accident was I eased out by seventy at federal that credit should be cleared eastbound I. seventy at two two five that crash still causing major headaches and you're back to back into downtown and then on the other side of the highway westbound I. seventy of Peoria you're dealing with an accident there things are much better up near bar lake west bound I. seventy six a broadly was like that price is pretty much been cleared you're going to find a very heavy drive this morning although I was loaded up with marveling at the amount of traffic that we're seeing this morning of of the Keighley Jack up a little bit earlier it is still a very crowded drive across the metro area this report is sponsored by your local Ford store for truck but it's the time to get a great deal the best selling truck for forty three years straight Ford ranger F. one fifty or super duty these trucks are built better build stronger built Ford tough and a price to sell during truck but only to local Ford stores next update in ten minutes on Daily News radio eight fifty A. M. a ninety four one of them news traffic and weather all morning and check in for the latest updates throughout your busy work day on KOAA news radio this report is sponsored by the Broadmoor a mile couple of days before a cold into the work week with a chance for snow the high today sixty two with partly cloudy skies tonight down to thirty six I'm meteorologist Brooks garner fox thirty one to play whether it's spring into summer at the Broadmoor with their spring break getaway package rates start at two hundred sixty nine dollars per night for select dates in March through may plus.

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