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Oh well real life you know. This isn't real life. We need to make sure that we're putting the phone down. I'll look for some people. This is their connection to real life. And so i want to be. I wanna honor that. And i appreciate the way that facebook has probably wasn't their intention originally But has brought in those people and give them more options of things of ways that they can connect with other people enjoying global community in a way that wasn't available to them for and you know out to piggyback that i asked we have a friend of the show who runs social for one of the largest payer church organizations in the world and i asked her i was like do you think because she we often just trade horror stories drills and bullies and all of that and she said you know when i think about it. She said For churches christian organizations and church leaders. It is a place for people to genuinely ask searching questions. We've gotten questions. Such as what is the bible study for a friend who's lost a husband. Where should i start reading the bible and she said the conversation start on the platform but then they ha. They continue other places and she. We've been able to care for people. Pray for people get people resources. But they weren't able to get because they weren't a part of a local church and an were too embarrassed to ask the pastor who they might be trying to impress on sunday. You can do that in these spaces and it. Let's be a little bit safer. I'm not saying it's ideal yet. I don't think facebook or any social media or any podcast or church leader on the internet should be your church. I don't. I don't think that's the full experience that got intended in the bible but i do think it. It does allow so many people to participate in the working out of their salvation which they would not be able to do otherwise I with respect. Thank you both are insane right. And i want to emphasize with respect right I think Facebook as the parasite who is wanting to infect the church now and i think their track record is we're going to do this and we're going to make this easier for you and then it's going to be paid a play and Then it's going to be if their algorithm history has shown us anything. It's not that they're going to reward seekers it's going to be what's gonna get the most action because of the vitriol right and i think especially in a in a church aspect. I think how poisonous could that be When i think about the algorithm to like the algorithm what what is that bring into like. How does that play into this leading. Who is oversights. Yeah what is it serving to you. Why is it serving that to you. What will it not serve to you. I think is important than for. I don't love facebook. And i want to forsake it but i i think there are so i just think there are a couple of really crucial things that brings to the table that i i can't quite get there and later when is ordained as.

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