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Yeah, cuz it used to be that you were the NXT champion and then congratulations are now on the main roster. Yeah, pretty but I think was it Joe uscinski was the first one wasn't it? No thin was all that's right. That's Yeah. I just I'm excited because it's the only problem if it's rude we're fucked but outside of that bow with a fun new character. Fuck. Yeah, actually no, you're right. It was Joe. Okay, I'm correct. But yeah in exchange making money moves and I'm excited to see where they go. I'm excited for take over which I have not said in a very fucking long time Ballard or Balor versus O'Reilly e, okay endless Johnny versus Dave in Priest, which I like half of that match and I'm not going to be busy this time so I can actually watch it. Yeah and then breezango versus either. It's either Undisputed era or I think lurking and Birch maybe okay, so go fuc. That's a tough one. I don't know who I would do for that one. Undisputed era on there like their final legs trying one last time. Cuz Kyle's not going to win and then you could have them lose by some Shenanigans, which is a great sentence to get to say breezango defeats the Undisputed era. Don't get me wrong. They might do they might do only and Birch and then they might if it's only a bird I would actually consider a title change. Oh, really? They haven't found them or am I thinking of someone else? I thought only in bird know they've never who am I thinking of that random as tag team that got thrown together that didn't win that won the title page. You mean Imperial know they're that they have a name. Let's see..

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