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Smurfs suarez this test professor sd card a string author of the international best sellers hyperspace visions and parallel worlds for the latest cutting edge developments in science science fantastic with professor michio this is science fantastic with professor michio kaku on science fantastic we profile the amazing jaw dropping scientific discoveries which are revolutionizing our world and touching our lives and in this hour we're gonna go past mars past jupiter passed will you go past pluto we're going to go to the nearby stars that's right we're going gonna talk about stars ships because that's what we physicists are talking about and it is of course talk about going to ours but we physicists are dreamers and we want to know well is physically possible to send people to alfredsson tari the closest start to the planet earth all the hop skip in a jump of 24 chilean miles a saturn rocket well a saturday rocket would take 70000 years 70000 years to reach alfredsson tari so obviously we need to go beyond chemical rockets we have to go to atomic rockets anti rockets warped dry you name it we physicists have looked at the physics behind some of these speculative designs and if you saw the movie passengers it starts off on a starship the distances are so great that you have to go under suspended animation to reach a new home orbiting another star in the universe in already we scientists have identified three thousand six hundred planets orbiting other star systems in the milky way galaxy and so we know they're out there and in the movie passengers well alist hollywood actors go to the nearest star a go to a star with an earth like planets going around it and if you saw matthew mcconaughey hey in the movie interstellar we go even passed that we go to the other side of the galaxy going through a worm hall and so in this hour we're gonna talk about wormholes we're going to talk about different kinds of rocket designs and my colleagues stephen hawking has another idea that may tickets to the stars in may be quarter of a century eight twenty five years and that is why not sent tiny computer chips put a sale a parachute around each computer chip blast the parachute with the laser beam and because it's so small income pack you could send it to a fraction of the speed of light within just a few.

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