DNC, Mainstream Media, Democrat Party discussed on The Mark Levin Show


You sir uh i and by the way i just wanted to say i love your up nicknamed four friend on the left and eeking out the left yeah i know it you know it's funny about that just for to set by a little long when i first came in radio and i created these nicknames some of the very harsh but the purpose was to humiliate and mock these people nobody did and i was warned and mr produce will tell you this he's been with me since day one i was warned not to do it that i'm likely to upset very powerful people in the be a lot of pressure on me but i kept doing and now everybody everybody copies that and that's okay but i just wanted you to know when i started doing it a wasn't so easy anyway go right ahead i can only imagine and speaking of the left good i long help but believe that if they are accusing you of being thumping or doing thumping ninety nine times out of a hundred they are guilty of that of which they are accusing un sometimes to a greater degree and the trump gauthier is a perfect example of that for all the fingerpointing that we heard you know trump and rapid trump and russia look who's pattern note to the kremlin hillary clinton it barack obama is the dnc and it unfortunately the main three media and it me to know that these people will not be held accountable by the mainstream media what are the most powerful enter teeth in this country and they do no good you're so right and the big media are part of the russian propaganda operation i don't mean they're sitting down and signing deals i mean by conduct them themselves the way that they half by working with the kinds of people that they work with the that is the clinton campaign and the democrat party they have become indirectly of course but they had become mouthpieces for the russian government they really have and then as.

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