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Deeper clarified that you look kevin mcmullen inordinate and good luck with the launch its cost to nine the cia is widely reported to be about to increase its use of armed drones to hunt down and kill suspected terrorists under president trump the frequency of these remotely piloted air strikes has increased and now the rules of engagement are expected to be relaxed human rights groups say drain strikes amount to extrajudicial killings but intelligence analysts say they are often the only effective way to defeat dangerous militants like the british jihadists muhammad and wasi and this weak sally jones the british i asked recruited dubbed by some as the white widow here with his assessment is ask your to correspondent frank gardner the sound of death from the arab unseen by those on the ground an airtoground missiles launched from high in the sky with devastating effect i think any weapon is only as accurate as the intelligence are behind it but our chaban is a yemeni investigator with human rights group reprieve he's made a study of us airstrikes by unmanned aerial vehicles or drones in yemen somalia and pakistan in most of the times i think the us have no idea why they targeting in our research in reprieve we found when the us tried to targets fourteen name targets they eventually killed thousand nine hundred and forty seven individuals that claim is documented in detail in reprieves earlier published report entitled multiple kills in the us drilling program the white house told the bbc the accusation that the us had no idea who it was targeting is both false and malicious the us national security council official sent us the statement forced by a bbc journalist the.

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