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Dr Roger Klein. Our pal is on the phone actually on Skype. To talk about the recent rise in Corona virus, positive cases and also cases of Cove in 19. We always do a very poor job of differentiating between the virus positive test and the actual disease. Dr Kline. Welcome to the program. Thank you very much. Pathologist. With a sub specialty board certification and molecular, genetic pathology and molecular diagnostics. You have advised the CDC, HHS and the FDA. What do you make of the quote rise in Corona virus cases, And if we're looking specifically at Wisconsin, it is coming largely out of two counties, and it's mostly young people. I'm saying this is a net positive of its young people, and we're not seeing increased hospitalizations and deaths. But Other people seem to think the apocalypse is looming in the in the very, very near future. Oh, hi, Vicky. So thank you for having me having me on so I I agree with you in the sense that I had certainly isn't a cause. For alarm, and I think it was to be expected. It's very hard to keep people people themselves locked down especially young people in and so we know that they're going to start returning Teo to normal activities and they're going to come in contact with one another, and they're going to get infected. I don't There's really no way to prevent it. And I don't think there's a problem with it because most of them won't suffer any consequences. It's it's it's similar, or maybe even less dangerous for them than the flu. Uh, the one worry that is that we We know that they spread it to people who are at risk, and I think what we need to do a focus our attention on protecting those people who are at risk. Sooner or later, people are gonna have to get Immune to we're gonna have to build up a sufficient level of immunity in the population in orderto for this epidemic to burn out its I'd rather see it happen among young people rather see the infections among young people than among people who could be seriously harmed by the right, Dr Klein. That is largely what we are seeing is that people in a knot in and and not not in an at risk population. Are, you know, mixing and mingling, And it makes sense, right? If you're gonna riot that's not going to be somebody age 52. You're going to get together and scream and share megaphones and you know riot together. You're going to be a young person if you're going in the crowded bars of any worries about crowded bars. You know, I don't know about you. But when is the last time you went to a crowded bar every Mino crowded bar in 20 years, so that typically is going to be a younger population of less get risk population and last I checked. You know, it's not like the 23 year old college student is hanging out at Grandma's kitchen table every single weekend, so we're not seeing this jump into the more at risk populations. You know, one would think you would want to have a measured response to this and say, All right, well, you know, young people. If you're going to do this, you're gonna want to make sure you protect yourself or your grandparent's our people at risk around you, But other than that, you know, go forth and create some herd immunity. I really wish people with start thinking. I wish our policymakers and our particular media would be looking at this in a more balanced way. There was a study that came out in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and, Well, you know, well, I'm not enamored of models. I'll cite one because it seemed to Teo be somewhat realistic, and it said That we would need to. We would need Thio isolate 1/3 over 1/3 of asymptomatic cases. In addition to all of the symptomatic cases in order to suppress the virus to one prevented the population, so their calculations suggested we would need to do something impossible because there are there will be 30 million infections in the states. We can't do this. This is not realistic. We need a more targeted approach, and we have to understand that this virus is just going to need to run its course and from Most people. It's not that serious. I understand that it inspires fear. But much of that fair is driven by the media taking specific examples, for example, and playing them over and over again that aren't representative of the population. Yeah, Which is why you have schools, hemming and hawing over whether or not they're going allow students in the schools because what I think we had 11 story that I can think of of a young person who got a very rare reaction. To the Corona virus. And so now we're not supposed to allow kids back into schools, which is also probably driving idiotic rules like anybody over the age of three. Must wear a mask. Three. Can you imagine trying to keep a mask on a three year old? Oh, are all Children in a school If they do go back to the classroom must remain masked at all times in state, six feet away from each other. Factor Klein that isn't even realistic. I mean, keeping kids six feet away from each other and making them not fidget with their masks. It's just It's just I mean, nobody thinks that's going to be possible. No, I I don't believe so. But I do think we're being somewhat disingenuous If we think that that the kids aren't going to get infected and potentially spread it, and I think you know, I think that that's a risk we need to take because We're balancing several considerations. And so I might have a young. I actually have a younger child. And I'm looking forward to the possibility that probably a reasonable possibility that that will contract ground of Iris here and I think No, you you do the best you can and likely it is. We won't be seriously harmed by it. But I You know, I worry about my father. So I tell him Look, we're going to have a plan for the spring, and we're going to make sure that we keep you away from exposure, and that's what we need to do The same with teachers. You know the younger teachers, it's going to be fine and most parent most Children who are young Children, particularly their parents. They're young, too, and they're really not at serious risk if they get it, But there are teachers who are in high risk categories and, you know, maybe they are They don't think about doing something else, And it's sad to say it, but maybe they should do something else for a while until well, you know, a year year and 1/2 for however long it takes for this to run its course We needed me, but but we can't. We can't stop. Educating our Children are letting them develop normally, simply because there's an infection out there that that is, you know is is harmful for some, but for most is really not going to be more than a flu like illness. Yeah, right. Yeah. Also what? Let's let's explain or try to explain this deaths and hospitalizations. In most areas have gone down. Even as the infection So in Wisconsin infections have gone up largely driven by young people, But so so, naturally you're you're probably going to see you know, young people not be hospitalized. Young people not actually die from this. But you know, you still have AH, population of people in high risk categories that are still contracting Corona virus in Wisconsin in Minnesota in wherever And yet we have seen a dramatic reduction in the death rate from this..

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