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Thank you in advance for reading my on air. Okay reverend aaa yesterday. Show what i've noticed about the Tamra mensa stock story is that the media's barely even paying attention or running the video but the cover every anti-american twenty four seven the. Msm hates america and everything we stand for indeed. The does seem to be true bs mirror. Mary-anne biden also wanted governor. No tham north to resign after his black face picks. We all know how that worked out. Yeah really good for north actually rock skipping gold medallist man if you can win a gold in rock skipping You've accomplished something in your a wheaties box. And nobody can ever take that from you. So congratulations on that. I will say on that rock skipping thing Remember the competition. What if when the pandemic i kicked in. Espn had nowhere to go to cover up on mackinac island off. Mackinac island michigan rock skipping championship. I think the winner skip the rock like twenty four or something. I mean it is kind of impressive because you choose your own rock You gotta get. It's gotta be a certain size and to skip it twenty four times. It's talent so my hats off anyway. Thank goodness cuomo. didn't say. hey man. Hey ma'am is just hey you so yeah that would have also been a hate crime head. He said mail. Yes because of course go ahead remind us do not use gender language to everyone right exactly Jeffries meat sweats is back tweeting. All right run the edge of having a society of untouchables. There will be people who aren't allowed to be in society have a real job or own. Property will write the unvaccinated. You've already described them They can only have dangerous jobs in the sewer. Like the third world untouchables around the door. Step sure are seriously. it's getting worse every day. Oh yes and it's it's a matter of Just you know it's okay if you don't want to get the vaccine but not really you can't say he's not okay pretending it's okay right now if you don't want to get your moron if they don't say well no i believe the You should get the vaccine if you want to. But i just think so choice. Oh my it's not no. It's not because you're you don't have the choice to infect me well haven't you been vaccinated. Then how the hell am i gonna to you or or in fact you you believe so much in vaccination how will i infect you. You're vaccinated don't worry about me. Don't worry about it. how about that. The old love just want people to die. I don't know. I just don't like just don't like him so yesterday Bill de blasio battling about vaccine communist approach which were calling the key to nyc pass city when you hear those words. I want you to imagine the notion that because someone's vaccinated. They can do all the amazing things that are available in this city miraculous place for literally full of wonders and if you're vaccinated all that's gonna open up to you you'll have you can open the door but if you're unvaccinated unfortunately you will not be able to participate. Anything's that's the point. We're trying to get across. It's time for people to see vaccination as literally necessary to living a good and full and healthy life. nyc pass will be a first in the nation approach it will require. He's proud of ax nation. Commerce depression shouldn't indoor fitness facility dining facilities. This is going to be requirement. The only way to patronize. These establishments indoors will be if you're vaccinated at least one dose the same for folks in terms of work. They'll need at least one dose in terms of war list. Wow i mean broadly already did broadway already came up. Beat him to the punch broadway. Say all workers anybody you want. Come see his show anything something. Now it's It's scary because this isn't the kind of stuff that we talk about in history. Can you believe they separated their society like that. Hello here we are america. Twenty twenty one to societies. America's you know what and they said in the uk and india. The delta variant has already subsided. It's already it's It's virtually over the delta plus. Hello thank you know we got the delta plus and following closely on the delta plus the delta plus plus and then after that delta infinity delta cupolas. Yes yes yeah. plus plus yeah the q. q. Delta i a two plus plus infinity. I mean it doesn't show to get down we have We had the story with the social media. Well the dating site onjected you know was the tinder right for people who were 'cause tinder has their special. If you're vaccinated you get your little special picture on tender and On they claim they're not Anti vaccine they're just pro-choice and they believe that you know you should. You should have the choice. So we're not gonna put your app up apple. Said we're putting your wrap up. We don't watch you on the app. Get out there. Still up on google play as of yesterday. We'll see how long that lasts once. The biden take on a unvaccinated Immigrants coming across new send in a clip of that. I did yes i did. See if we wanna see that one. I have not.

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