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Candidate won including the first African American Attorney General in the history of Kentucky big deal it would be a huge deal if he had been a Democrats always be hearing about but since he's a Republican it's not that big a deal look the other way nothing to see here there is some interesting things around the country to start voters Sally rejected sanctuary city status for their shitty I'm never gonna come in here and pretend that when something happens that is in great it's great I'm not going to spend good night for the Democrats and let this be a wake up call to voters all over the country you can't stay home turnout was about forty one percent in Kentucky yesterday little higher than they projected that means almost sixty percent of voters she didn't bother to vote now if you're listening to me a little more Lexington somewhere throughout the bluegrass state and you stayed home yesterday congratulations you help get a Democrat elected he gave Democrats show momentum the president was all in doing his best to campaign for Matt Bevin I'm not going to second guess what kind of candidate Matt Bevin was or what kind of governor he had been got you you know if you are in Kentucky better that better than anybody that he is he was the least popular governor in America that's his data driven the single most unpopular governor so it was it was a heavy lift and unfortunately the voters of Kentucky didn't get across the finish line yesterday what does that mean well first of all what what the statewide races meme is not as much as the media or the Democrats would like you to think it means because the Kentucky dot governor doesn't have anything to do with what is decided in the house of representatives or the U. S. Senate is your statewide offices but of course it provides a very clean talking point for the Democrats and for the trump haters all look out drop all you came in you failed Hey Mitch McConnell your next they're very excited right now let them who cares that's become my new my new motto who cares yesterday was this bomb shell the Ukraine ambassador the hand picked choice by the president suddenly have his memory refreshed and offered a quid pro quo do you crave all right who cares impeach him who cares I I'm sure yes who cares who cares about the twenty five minute conversation the drum pad with Zelewski who cares HM let the senators decide if trump want to be removed from office because they will decide there will be I don't preach my the senators are going to be the jury they're gonna vote up or down they're good quit or they're going to convict I believe with all my heart there is not one single thing president trump did that is going to warrant removal of office and the and Mitch McConnell said it yesterday the vote were held today he'd be acquitted you'd you'd lose Mitt Romney shoes in college at least ever callously that's it that's all then we move on to the next drama and the next controversy and yet things just keep happening news is being broken about this presidency that the mainstream media never covers we have this massacre this massacre in Mexico is beautiful innocent family of Americans in Mexico and I want you to hear one of the surviving family members the message she had for the president of the United States as the Democrats are strutting around like bears the roosters over Kentucky and Virginia here Trish close listen to Trish close one of the surviving family members of these nine inch slaughtered Americans who were killed by the drug cartels in Mexico just seventy five miles south of our border here's cut number eight from the fox news channel and gravy you know it's a a lawless elements that has gone and touch in Mexico it needs to stop we need to get involved and I really appreciate so much so I really appreciate so many that have been involved especially our president we want to thank him for doing that you know just to be looking in and add an American an average American citizen and and really taken to heart and progressing forward with action because something needs to be done and we just can't overlook this anymore a family member of one of the victims thank you president trump for being involved and trying to help but orange man bad orange man bad again what what as we often say what a brave thing it is even for a surviving family member of a massacre victim to thank the president of the United States the powerful moment normal people appreciate what this president is trying to do welcome and it's a Wednesday we're gonna break it down we'll look at some of the numbers for you we also have lots of news here Amy Rohrbach from ABC creating a tidal wave of drama over.

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