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Of twenty nine dollars back in September the company's business model might still be trying to find its footing it does have one critical thing going for peloton does customers in fusee Aztec wants to amend the mall road about peloton's clientele for the Atlantic in a story headlined I joined a stationary biker gang Amanda thanks for coming on thank you for having me you would you have in the course of your report Taj here and I guess maybe in in life as well you're taking these classes what are they like I yes I went to the studio where Palestine films are classes which is open to the public to take classes every day because they need people to sort of fill out the look of being in a spin class you know I a I am a person who is very skeptical of most things but iPhone peloton pretty compelling I was really set to hate it but I felt very supported in very positive about the whole thing well that's the gist of this piece that it's it's really the community that peloton is building that is their competitive advantage you think yeah yeah I took a class at one of those on competitors suspend studio just to get an idea because I have never felt you know I I'm a I'm a fat person I have never felt welcome than any of the spaces in in this other classes more to sort of traditional type of spin class you know the the instructor was up there telling everybody that they needed to peddle harder if they could slim down to wear tank tops you know in the in the up at the at the then upcoming warm weather and I was you know in the back fatten already wearing a tank top so I don't I don't you know it is just like little sort of casual things like that that make a lot of people feel like they can't start working out like they have to lose a lot of weight or change themselves before they're even allow this to take part in something like this so how do you reconcile what you write about in this speech which piece which is peloton's culture of acceptance of you for who you are get on that bike with their advertising for those who might not have seen it they're all these in really she she apartments that overlook a city and it's gorgeous and all glass walls and the people are perfect and so is their apartment at a annual rent the probably eleven two thousand dollars yes I think that one of the things that Palestine is going to have to overcome is the idea that they had sort of built themselves up in people's minds as something exclusive in something for corner office type folks right it's going to take some time and I don't know if they're going to be able to do that you know super effectively but that I think that they've understood that they've tapped into a desire that is far larger than just rich people it also takes twenty two hundred Bucks to buy one of these bikes yes.

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