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Splashdown he space X Crew Dragon capsule, making the first night time water landing with NASA astronauts and 53 years. The spacecraft, bringing Americans Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins and Shannon Walker and Japanese astronauts to each in a Gucci home. After nearly six months on the international space station, they splashed down just before three o'clock this morning in the darkness on Florida's Gulf Coast. Near Panama City, the U. S Coast guard issuing a two mile safety zone for the splashdown area in an attempt to keep pleasure boaters from I mean close to the spacecraft Enrollment in Boston public schools dropping just over 4% this year, with the decline concentrated among black and Hispanic students. Decrease was highest in the elementary grades. In the last three years, Boston schools have seen an 8.3% decline in enrollment. Apple and Facebook on a collision course after Apple made it harder for APS to track users online activity in its latest mobile operating system Update. CBS is Adriana Diaz. Apple users must now gave permission for APS to track your online activity data. Before you could only opt out. It's about time. Jenny Gephardt is with the privacy nonprofit, The Electronic Frontier Foundation. Switching from Opt out to captain is here that is that's going to really Make a lot more users opt out of this tracking feature, but it wasn't built for user's. It was built for advertisers. But companies like Facebook and Google generate billions and online advertising harvesting your data. Facebook said Apples move will harm their small business advertisers and it's about profit, not privacy, they spoke, took out a full page ad in The New York Times to oppose the move. You know. Seven Wall Street now in business with Bloomberg used car prices don't show any sign of letting up the cocks. Manheim Index of Auction prices jumped 58% year over year. Zo'or regime is a manager with Cox Automotive Eye popping number that's for sure. But more of the interested I was painting should be put on the month of Vermont movies, not the year of your most because of the destruction caused by the pandemic, and in that category, prices are at a record rising almost 7% in the first half of April from March, prices are rising as the economy Improves a chip shortages denting production of new cars that could make their way to use lots and car owners air holding onto vehicles longer. Consumers are opting, divided, at least vehicle at the end of their least term, or consumers aren't doing it. And the dealers might buying a sedan instead of an SUV is one way to get something more affordable. Buying an order vehicle or buying.

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