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Stuff merry Christmas. That again is ABC's TJ homes while hiring slowed in November the jobless rate state at three point seven percent. It wasn't the number many were expecting November hiring came in weaker than expected. One hundred fifty five thousand jobs added that's more than fifty thousand jobs of below the monthly average we've seen over the past year. But Mark Hamrick senior economic analyst at bankrate dot com says it's not that surprising. Look for next year is for slower hiring, but not a hall in jobs creation. So between tightness in the job market. Some struggling to find well-qualified workers, we should not expect hiring to be blazing at this moment. Shelley Adler, Washington news time eleven thirteen corporate corporate tax breaks and bailouts maybe more controversial than ever for a second day in a row. General motors. Ceo, Mary Barra heard from Capitol Hill lawmakers who are upset about planned layoffs and plant closures ABC's, Michelle Franzen with more after meeting with Ohio. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill General Motors. Ceo, Mary Barra is back in the hot seat last week. The automaker announced it will stop making the Chevy Cruz at its Lordstown Ohio plant by March and could close the plant for good. Our focus is on the workers. We made the announcement when we did to give them the maximum opportunity for other opportunities. We have within the company Thursday, she met with Michigan lawmakers democratic Representative Brenda Lawrence in this country, the government and taxpayers bailed out TM encouraging GM to rethink its restructuring plan since the company is enjoying record profits. Michelle Franzen ABC news Bara is insisting the company is actually driving economic gain. Saying GM is invested twenty two billion dollars in the US since two thousand nine KOMO news time eleven fourteen and tied. A check AAA traffic.

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