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Grace jones in nineteen eighty was a sight to behold even more that she wasn't years past her visual inventiveness and her inventiveness on the stage finally had the right soundtrack to accompany. There's a video of her performing in the fall of nineteen eighty. What looks to be a ball surrounded by circle tables guests seated around buttoned up affair to sure the host and all attendees are suits. Jones once introduced strolls out in a turquoise and coral bodysuits stretching from the top her head all the way down to her feet. Long purple ponytail extends from the back of her head while the intro to her version of the marvel at song hundred. It's captured by the game played. Jones hugs and poll the center of the room. While the songs bird caused the buck the intro. Percussion jones look squarely at the audience. Taking the man from different angles. The performance is less than twenty seconds. Old grace jones is already in control. She looks skyward in smirks. The music video for private life is a single shot begins with what we are to believe as a hooded grace jones. Her face leaning pensively into her hand at the fourteenth second mar she reaches up and slowly peels off what is revealed to be a mask of her face. Her actual face resting below the video. Might make an insecure of. You're uncomfortable the camera. Pans in out and around the face of jones which is of course immaculate at the very end jones squint at the cameron smoulders for bit while milking the last rotations. Of course men on the final. Go round of. Leave me out. Her eyes and head rotates back forward. As if it is newly aware of the cameras games be addressed becomes not a direct address to evade public but a direct address to you. Viewer taking in the artists at work in the screen cuts for all the way it's grace. Jones was unforgettable nineteen eighty it must be said that warm weather was not exactly a commercial success. Despite its critical acclaim the hunter gets captured by the game stumbled briefly on the us. B charts and the song. Warm weather app did make it onto the dance charts in the states. Private by had a decent chart run in the uk but not enough to make too big splash. All in all seven singles were released from the album. None of them charting well enough for it to have a sustained flourish. Be album still made a star out of jones not for its singles of its life on the charts but for the way that at the dawn of a new decade the public was eager for what the stars of music's new era might look like what made sound like to of course but grace jones embodied the future from the sound to the aesthetics. If it is best to look at the career of grace jones and trilogies the second would become known as the compass. Point trilogy warm weather at was the first test to see if the concept surround sound in energy could work with followed two albums nineteen eighty-one nightclubbing and nineteen eighty. Two's living my life. Both great but nightclubbing seen today as a landmark grace jones album album were the entirety of vision came together. Nightclubbing was a commercial and critical success. But one that wouldn't have been possible if.

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