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To grab a headline by making Jeez is gay or by creating a nativist scene where it's merry and merry or Joseph and Joseph it is a point of high irritation for folks to grab religious items that are steeped in a two thousand year old tradition and then pretend that they actually represent whatever is the modern social left is cause they which typically tends to cut directly against whatever is the moral message of Christianity for example well now we also have the eighty eight moved to take secular symbols of Christmas and then to twist those into social justice warrior nonsense the latest example comes from Jennifer Finney Boylan who is a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times every two weeks or so Finney Boylan writes a piece about being transgender and be victimized in America and personal troubles that he has because Jennifer Finney Boylan as a transgender woman the latest example is a piece called route off the clearest holiday special yes that's right when you show your child in nineteen sixty four claymation special then you will have to explain to them that truly the stories about Rudolph liking other male reindeer currently the goal here now why exactly do we have the nation's most prestigious newspaper publishing our navel gazing think pieces about how Rudolph the red nosed reindeer ought to make clear children feel accepted and the answer is we we Chen it's it's dumb and its overwrought and the hijacking of children's symbols historical children symbols particular around Christmas time to push a leftist social agenda is pretty gross we see this one last time and time again he needs like SpongeBob square pants they did with the Teletubbies and then the minute you say yeah that's what you're doing I know we're not doing that it's it's full on gas lighting in it you'll you'll see members of the LGBTQ community so just as fun from square pants actually game he should be a symbol of of queer liberation and then people I like that's a kids show can you stop that now like how dare you get so upset when we have that you did we have set you I guess in our seems with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Jennifer Finney Boylan writing being given like eight hundred words to write about the meaning of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer to a transgender person hi honestly this is it we we've now reached leftist Madeline's stage where it's just intersectional person fill in blank here takes fill in historical item symbol or piece of art here and turns it into filling because here right that's the Madlib you see here is the piece wait my father said incredulously are you crying it was early summer probably around nineteen eighty four my father and I were watching the classic Rankin bass stop motion production of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on television three characters from the island of misfit toys sat around the campfire the Charlie in the box the spot elephants and a Dolly for sue it's seemingly typical doll these problems were many years later revealed to be psychiatric looks like we've been up for that looks like were forgotten again spotted owls and said beaten down by the merciless cruelty of the world might as well just go to bed and start dreaming about next year Charlie lamented retracting into his box in a dark winter sky a single light shone from the clouds Justin sleigh bells rang through the cold stop motion night I haven't any dreams let you dream tally said Sam approaching sleigh bells grew louder wait a minute spot elephants what's that is it is it this version of rough the red nose reindeer has been around for twenty years in nineteen eighty four it wasn't a soldier for my nineteen sixties childhood it because tears recognition shimmer in my eyes no it was the fact that then as now the subtext of this ridiculous story was the truth of my own improbable life yeah I think that the definition of self absorption is that you think everything is about you if you think the red nose Rudolph the red nosed reindeer was made about you the subtext of this story is the truth of your improbable life I a fabulously Blundell who doesn't like to make toys ranger was cast out by those are supposed to love him on account of an accident of birth a whole island populated by outkast welcome to Rudolph the red nosed reindeer the clearest holiday special ever I'm sure the conservatives love this old holiday just it will be a few infuriated by the suggestion not in theory it just moral like puzzled mildly confused again what why do you think in nineteen sixty four special which is just about the broader issue of bullying and what Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is about is not just bullying bullying of people who don't fit into the mold why is that always turned into a story about queer kids Hey what what like why why why do what every story I believe in the story about LGBTQ issues I was in this by the way with the it gets better campaign so the it gets better campaign suggests that bullying or at least a huge percentage bullying is about the sexual orientation of the kids being bullied as I was viciously believe in high school and junior high let me just say it has nothing to sexual orientation kids are nasty to kids who do not fit into the box and that could be a sexual orientation thing the vast majority of cases it's not is the new short or think he's too tall instigated you've got to give us just getting my kids are nasty that's just what they are let's turn that into a referendum on your own personal sexual journey it like we did this sort of navel gazing it's really it's really ridiculous but according to Jennifer Finney Boylan in The New York Times everything is about Jennifer Finney Boylan if you watch the show without understanding its central conflict is lay people quite different are constantly Shannon who million well I don't know what you're you're watching no we all got that we just didn't think it was about Rudolph being gay it's not Rudolph the red nosed reindeer I can tell you that a show in which at the climax even stand to realize that maybe he was wrong conservatives seem to miss the point of a lot of things having to do with Christmas actually well I mean like Christmas last I checked was about the birth of Jesus and the creation of Christianity which comes along with a whole value set so we're talking about people missing thing about Christmas I'm to go with the people who think that Christmas is actually about gay liberation probably that rob only that now get your make case forget liberation of time you have you have to have yourself a good Christmas it's a free country but if people missing the point yeah I think like here's the point and shoot you just went right over the top of it as the road off the whole movie feels as LGBTQ friendly to me as any episode of queer eye or Steven universe for the award you know except for the fact that there is no gay sex between between would often the other male reindeer between rough and what's in there's plenty of clear coating Christmas town so Jennifer Finney Boylan like this is just an exploration of a columnist weird thinking because maybe you're seeing words in your Cheerios man maybe maybe the maybe just in words in the Cheerios after rood US red nose shines in his father downers cave for instance causing town or a curiously profound mortification the old man comes up with a fake nose first what where you know so as not to offend the straits it's not very comfortable rough says you'll wear it like it is father plays there more important things than comfort self respect maybe it goes without saying this is exactly how I felt putting on a coat and tie due to my right wing all boys high school before coming out as translators later is worth adding that the character of the misfit male ranger would often the special was voiced by Billy may Richards a forty something woman okay really like now okay so also bart Simpson is ways by a woman like very often children are voiced by women because men don't have high voices prospector Yukon Cornelius is sexuality doesn't enter into the plot of course but the scene that was delivered that was deleted from the nineteen sixty four original we learned that even though he claimed to be searching for silver gold in fact you comes he was looking for a peppermint mine no further questions your honor oh my god and then there's her me the elf beautiful and one were all the other elves resemble bulbous nose Vulcans all he wants to be is able to be himself a dentist in fact in so instead of being forced to dwell in Santa soul crushing toy factory what do you boys process nothing her me explains I just don't like to make toys his mother was roars with disapproval and the other elves clock and go to school to ask not happy in my work I guess he says her me tell me about it and yet okay hi again can you please like just leave the kids alone please stop I pick pick any number of films that deal with gay liberation and made every year they're all nominated for Oscars like just leave the kids literature alone is that too much aspect politicization of of children's literature is really irritating in an extraordinary way meanwhile The Washington Post we have a piece from canton Georgia in editor and writer please stop making jokes about gender pronouns when people tell you there's they might hurt people more than you realize again like this is our culture now welcome.

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