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Talk to me about the female menstrual cycle and hair thickening hair loss in hormones. How does that work for women? There is. It's a funny question actually, so there's definitely a. Some whatever fluctuation during the mess, recycle to how the hair feels not as much about how it set shed or not, but what I do. So it's not a huge difference during the cycle except for the hormones will slightly change the amount of secretion. So tend to get like oil your hair on point during cycle versus another. Just kind of the same way as acne response dementia cycle, for instance. But I think the greater connection is again this dysregulation of hormones. A lot of women are experiencing PMS distracted menstrual cycle. As you know, we talk a lot about estrogen dominance for instance, and PCS there on arise. So. The reason why they MTA impact hair follicles impact hair loss. Because when for instance, when a woman is. Women, mount of adjustment to estrogen is distracted like happens in dominance. You have less progesterone because cortisol steals that just makes cortisol. Now you have more estrogen. Estrogen is known to actually block the transition or too much known to block transition of the follicle from the resting face to the new growth face. So we know that that happens. So as you have that imbalance, of course, you having a problem with how follicle cycle and grow in the same way for our, there's an increased amount of inflammation. So when you have against stress and dysregulation menstrual cycles, as result of its impact of cortisol on other hormones, estrogen, progesterone, you will have more profile Matori state and follicles extremely sensitive to inflammation. So there's more inflammatory cytokines that get trigger progression of reactive oxygen species. In more inflammation, of course, to get more hair loss as well. So stress during certain parts of the cycle where you're more prone to inflammation could trigger enough inflammation to affect the hair. It's not so much that there is a huge shift in the metro cycle during the that, of course, a very slight change. Our bodies are really finely tuned. So in a way that dementia cycle doesn't affect hair growth as much, but a dysregulates menstrual cycle is connected to hair less the other bigger problems at hand. So disrupted menstrual cycle will point to the fact that you might have an excess of insulin in Andhra. Jen's on both of those things will insulin raising location in that will affect care follicles and Andhra. Jen's will target the hair follicles by shifting them to what we call miniaturization, making them smaller and smaller. So that's what happens when a dysregulates menstrual cycle occurs such as what happens in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, for instance. And in the same way. It'll happen if you have a if you don't have PCS. If you just have disrupted menstrual cycle, out of women are in estrogen dominance. They have PMS, they have other symptoms. And so that can also cause a big shift in the hair growth cycle and confrontation. The hair fault hair grows. What about birth control pills? Good for hair bad for your hair. Had not a big fan. Okay. Keep going out in here more. You're going to say something I was just gonna say, that's, that's awesome. And my very first book was around for Tilleke was called the better baby book, thirteen hundred references and we looked a lot with birth control pills to. So tell me we didn't look at hair though. So tell me what, why you're not a big fan. Same reasons. I think it contributes to Astrakhan dominance and Astra jn dominance will impact hair loss. And so again into regulates normal co monal balances that occur. I have a philosophy in it also from a point of view of in physiological aspect of this, of course, your have your adding more estrogen to a ready, hyper suggeting state because when recurrently stress, there is a hyper suggesting state in also with the addition of Zeno estrogen other estrogens from the environment. You're already compounding issue. Also the extra gesture in Iran, dusting will decrease production of your own adjuster on as result protest. The naturally stimulates growth face Anna Jin face. That's why women who are pregnant have this luscious awesome hair because it actually prolongs their energy face grows face. So as a result, you're basically compromising your own for model production in your own normal Ramona balance. With these with the peace..

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