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So I still have such place in the stodgy for it. But like the second you start listening to it. You like what is? And there's actually a weird story in I in first grade or kindergarten first grade it was math class. We got like a math workbook. And it was like we're gonna do a page day in class, and when whoever finishes first we'll get a prize. Like when you race. They were like you can like go faster than other people. And I just took it home that night the first night. And I finished the entire it was very, I'm I always say like, I was born this smart. So amazing prodigy. It was amazing just like flowers for Algernon. When I was like ten I was like, everyone thought it was a genius. When I was eighteen everyone was like. Yeah. This guy knows movie lines. You're born a tiny adult. Yeah. Was born a tiny. So I just took home and blasted the entire workbook. And when I came back in the woman the woman this broad. I don't know. Classroom. She was like well, John Johnson. You can have any prize you want. And I was like I wanna see in Kokomo for the class. I'm not a singer. I'm terrible at it. I don't even like she. I don't sing at home. But I like it was so obsessive. I brought into boombox next day. Put it on a stool and stood in front of my class. And in hindsight, I could only just imagine. What those kids like they're just like what is going on. And I I've never like never was. I never performed again until I was like eighteen everyone of those kids has a resentment for math now. Yeah. I fucked it all up. Did you stop performing after that? I definitely had. Yeah. I mean, I I couldn't believe I was just like literally ruble. Jim make it was like Napoleon dynamite. I felt like. I don't know. And I'm a terrible. I mean, I was I was I guess singing over the backing track of the actual song on my on. My beach boys tape that I have. But I just like it was my uncle's boat was named Kokomo. And so like that was like the word. I love the word, and I'm gonna say, I'm like a beach. Boy, good. But that doesn't make a beach boy like Beal off. Very beach vibe. You're always wearing a very Beechy shirt. I am mostly for temperature purposes. Over regulating, my massive body on the beach. I live on the beach. I go to one of the few people that goes to the beach often. Sand. I go like once a week, maybe sometimes more. So this song is like your story. This song is my story. Because I go to when I say go to the beach once a week say I go to random fucking islands once week. Yeah. Right ones that are not anywhere near each other. I have so many facts about this song. Came on nine hundred ninety eight if you follow the beach boys at all, you know, that that was twenty years after they were a relevant band. Yes. They had had a bit of a slum Brian was not really in the band anymore. He was with that crazy like therapists slash manager slash best friend, the beach voice didn't even write this song. Right from the mamas. And pop it was it was the puffs. Yes. It was let's see. It was written for the soundtrack of Tom cruises worst, rotten tomatoes movie. Cocktail this great worst this. Cocktail horse move. Maybe that Wikipedia hasn't been updated since the plane American made. Fairly okay receive, but cocktail cocktails fun, man. I never saw cocktail all I know of that movie is in college. I wrote a short that was a fake mockery about the guy who holds the box that Tom Cruise stands on. He's. So we had a scene where the pool scene from cocktail drowning. That's my only. No. Did you cover? Sorry. This is did you cover American made on action, boys? No, it's two. Oh. Oh, yeah. We try to keep it classic understands that for March when it's modern movie March. March madness. All fuck what an upgrade?.

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