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People will flock to it. And the name of jesus doesn't draw like that and yet when we pray hallowed be thy name i forgot. I want my actions to follow that. I don't like that people are attracted to certain people are attracted to mind name and will attend for that and yet the name of jesus is not sacred in our nation and it doesn't seem to be sacred in the church even and i want to be a part of changing that somehow lord and so. What does that mean. I'll do anything anything. I must decrease some ou- and your name must increase and then there is. I guess i want to ask you. This is just for me. Maybe listeners are like who cares. But i think i want to ask you. How do you fight that. Because i mean you've just even your book. I mean francis. Channeling people will show up to a conference. Because you're there people will buy your book because your names on it. And i can say like you know is because you have so many great things to say and i don't need to say that here. We know that. But how do you fight that of not succumbing to am one of those people. I mean it's happen. I can look back in life and see these moments of like flesh lee excitement. You know they were the first ones was. There was just this advertising for this conference and just had these names like stanley. Warren chan high bowls. Now is it or you might have been another name or two. And i thought wow mall you have to say is chan and they know it's me you know how many millions of fans are. They're stupid sinful walking. I remember that time seeing my face on a magazine and it was on every seat at this conference. And there's posing and i liked it and and seeing my name in print on a book and i liked it and there was nothing about it it was there and i never remember even another person i had asked. Hey can we get together. And when i got to his house i'm like oh man. Thanks for taking time to be with me and just wanna learn some things gleaned from you he goes off course i would take time for you. You know you're one of the top twenty podcasts. Which i didn't know that time he goes. Did you know you can look that up tunes because yeah you're number nineteen and number two and so then the competitive flashes like okay number two. I'm coming after you. You know it's like so so immature pride fall. I got caught up. I still get caught a only thing. That rings me. Back is when i am silent. My phone is gone. everything is gone. And it's me and all mighty god together just me at his throne and he shows me one. I've been doing to make. Halloween francis chan's name and to picture like i'm breathing. Because you're letting me. I should be destroyed obliterated in your presence because of your own and you sacrifice so that we can have this oneness and nail the live on this earth and i'm supposed to be making much of you. Oh my gosh forgive me. I am so sick changed me. I am so sorry in tears in his presence. And so when i'm close to him that doesn't happen because those who are closest to him you're not arrogant because even those high angels that are right there in his presence there the most humble they're the most holy holy holy is the lord. God on that's all they can say as they cover themselves up but the further we get away from him. That's when we can talk about ourselves but when we're staring at him regularly we don't want anyone looking at us. We are drawing attention to him and so for me. It is only been went on close to him and away from all the other noise that i can see my own san and recognize my need for god to humble me Well thank you for that. Even if it was just for me. I appreciate that incur. That word of encouragement. I think my follow up question for that would as people are listening. There are so many people to follow right now so many things to say. And i'm a podcast sir. And there are books and their podcast in their conference in their churches and their worship. And they're just like oh my gosh and you talk about this a little bit like these islands that we find ourselves and it's like are quote unquote tribe. What is your encouragement to those people to not even make much of francis or jamie but only much of jeez like what is your encouragement to them. And i know it's probably going to be no different than what you just said but there is just. We are inundated with people to follow who most of them probably good motives. Yeah i really believe that one of our biggest problems is we talked too much. And i'm about to pursue a season of silence just greater silence. The bible says you know with the abundance of words sin is not absent so the more i talk the more i'm gonna send and i just wonder anything about that early. Church and acts chapter four and says the full number of believers were one heart and soul before there was a bible and united income for hundreds of years later. And what did they do. It wasn't that much to fight about a stared at a piece of bread. Are you kidding me. Son of god roque his body in shed his blood. The aid drank in his presence. There was such unity. And you know when they ask. Jesus how do we pray he just said when you pray say this our father who are in heaven yes likely Five says you know card your steps when you draw near to the house of god. Don't don't come in and just start. Talking is people don't recognize that they're offering a foolish offering that is evil and what if believers spent more time in silence. You know it's like you get attacked in your first instinct. Is i gotta fight back in defend myself and everything else in. But that's just adding everything else. What if there is greater silence and we got back to like whoa just gay. That is beauty Think about the body. And blood. Of christ as i'm humbled in weeping look across from me. There's jamie on her knees crying over the bread and the cup in marveling at how could god so holy sacrificed so much for her and we're both just reaping looking at each other. What does look like can you. What what he say. How can we be how can repeat. Earn is present the if we spent more time doing that and less time talking which it seems like. That's what heaven is. It seems like there's more just staring at the throne in awe and listening to others just praising him collectively sing worthy is the lamb who was slain holy holy holy is lord almighty who was in his in his to come in the more we do that and humbly have this wonder and reverence for him. It's really hard to fight and you recognize how much you've been forgiven of and how huge that gap is between ham. Yourself is hard to be proud in. It's hard to fight on a danette. Same we.

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