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But i think with the end of the regiment you would stay with it far longer. as as a young officer. You were removed around quite a lot to make sure that you got experience of each part of ramey before you fight. You got into sort of like a serious real. You have some proper responsibility. And you can actually capable of making a decision and cuma- actually let you make a decision. So i started off fifteen field workshop. was catholic catterick garrison Then moved onto the army technical foundation college recruit instructor I stayed there notchback. Lock longer than it probably should have there for a year and a half to two years there Then after that. I went and did my Officers long article engineering course. I went up to two nine reg and then it was posted to see to to finish off so it's quite a quite a it's quite a round robin And you you see quite a lot of different units and you meet an awful lot of people so within the core You know an awful lot of people because you constantly you know moving units and you get you know it was one of the things. I loved about the corner corps. When i when i was there there was nine off ten thousand with arena. Couch more challenging. Tell you throw it through the operations about getting a. We'll see you might particular got one. Massive regret action. We got one regret in life one proper regret and it affects me today. In the way that i think not regret was I wasn't happy not being badged. An all i wanted to do was not be you know. Sort of two point. Four children you know. Run of the mill officer. Always sort of specialty. That's very different idea of me in manhattan so elected to go into the alarm komo and of course i got a week's notice to go in it right to pack up all my shit and get it done to them. Ston are on the way into in. My car broke down. So i arrived at lympstone with on the back of a looter offloaded into the into the car park then started the alarms command..

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