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A bright wears zoo well do as god and i am heartbroken about it but nope zoo zoo as a show that i love the sincerely and as it went along i loved it i started out watching it like ha ha that's dumb and by the end i was honestly enjoying it that our talmadge as much as i was doing anything else but you know i'm the big fancy tv man here of gotta put my big fancy tv shows are there but i doubt if you're cheer viewed put through wunderlist you would have judge me if i put zoo are by laced with totally would not on there either way honestly like of all these shows i probably got as much enjoyment of watching the sixers en zoo as i have boosted the show's on this list but i consider the separate categories you know what i mean zoo is lovely zoos love in the top twenty i definitely would have slid zuid they're just thought principle and i thought at like derek derek look there was drafted the list that heads you on it but if i would have put the young pope ed patriot ads you are the list i think other shows that were extremely worthy would have started getting bumped out and i don't think i would have been happy with accident arched i i will always have i will always have the invisible stake people wanted to know this i've seen every time we've alluded to our top capitalists on twitter people have like you i would say she was going to be your number one show right brian and it's not on your list and also we had to addressed the invisible snake amiram.

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