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Very much enjoy Journaling I journal like crazy. I fill books and books books and books and books of journals over my life and I had this friend. She took journaling and like she took out class and she had all these like organized things that she was doing. That is not what I do when I journal. I use it as a mind perch okay. So let's say you're feeling feeling and you don't want to feel that feeling anymore but you don't know what to do with it right if you just tell yourself to shut up be quiet stopping so negative that feeling will persist in you. It will remain with you that feeling that fear that anger that anxiety that grief that trauma it needs to leave your body it needs to leave your body and I think this is where people get all kinds of screwed up in their mental and emotional. Health is because you're giving those feelings first of all you can't deny the feeling you have to accept the feeling this is true. I feel this way and you have to accept that and make it not a right or wrong thing like I feel this way and I'm an asshole not helpful. I feel this way. And that is human. People feel feelings of anger irrationally. What what people feel feelings of anger irrationally? People feel feelings of hurt when they don't have a good reason. Are you kidding that it's news? It's not news. You are sometimes irrational about your feelings. Go figure so instead of shaming that you have to come to a place of acceptance about that and you have to get it out of your body. Maybe you can't see it clearly right. Maybe you're thinking I'm feeling this way about this but really it's something else so if I have these these journal books that are you know. One hundred They change constantly. I buy them every time I feel I. Every time I fill one up I fill up another one to get the feelings that I have out. I put them on the page. I just right. There's no editor. They're not for publication. They're just your own private thoughts like when I was a kid. Mormons are really into journaling and that was more about like a diary of your activities right. Okay like a calendar. Here's what we did today. Here's you know that kind of thing. No this is an emotional purge. This is not a categorical. Historical account of your life and this is not A. I'M GONNA write a book about this subject. This is the act of purging your emotions. Your thoughts things that are in you. That are kind of tripping you up or you need something to do with them. Put them on paper. Put them on paper. I don't care what it says. It does not matter if it's rational often when I am writing things right when I'm just journaling as fast as I can and writing things it might be because I understand something new about myself. Understand something new about my motivations. This is basically you writing about your inner life you writing about your inner life and your inner life is neither good nor evil. It's lovely but we tend to put our feelings into these categories of. You're wrong for thinking that are your bitch for thinking that are you're an asshole if you understood it that way our emotions. Our thoughts our stories change. If we're healthy human beings they change if we're working through them. They change over the course of time they change but that it was true for fat moment. It's not a verdict on your worth as a human being but it does need somewhere to go. It does need somewhere to go that anger. That hurt that. Whatever needs somewhere to go that excitement that joy that needs to go somewhere to something someone says to You. It triggers something like an emotional response in you. You can write that down in a journal. I am not a reader. I never reread anything I ever journal. I put them on a shelf in my closet. That's that I opened another book. I start another one. There's no I do date them out of habit. I guess I date them out of habit. Do not put them in context. I will start reading in the middle of a thought and just continued to write until I don't have anything left to right. I will do this. I don't make this like a daily practice. I do it often enough that I don't need that kind of discipline. Perhaps if you are wanting to do this as a spiritual practice in a more formalized way you might call them morning pages some people call them morning pages and then they get up every morning and they journal for you know ten or fifteen minutes and that stat. Sure that that has plenty of value in the way that I do it though. It's not structured or formalized. I always have one of these journals available to me and if I feel like something needs to leave my body either to be remembered or to purge. I can write that down. Sometimes I will use Tarot cards. Or what do they call them? Ones that they're not putting the Tero format just cards like I'm not talking about playing back. Cards have images on them. There's so many different kinds. I will use those as writing prompts on occasion right if I am wrestling with something and I don't know what to do about it. I might go to a deck of these goddess. Tarot cards and I also have the art of love. Tarot cards and I will pull a card that will then serve as a writing crops. How does this? How does this relate to me? How does this relate what I'm feeling right now? How does it relate to what I'm going through right now? They have a little tiny description. And then I'll free right on it. I'll free right and sometimes it's the description that will get me. I'll read the description and I'll be like. Oh that's the thing that's the belief that I'm operating with or that's the key word that's triggering me so I don't use the cards to tell my future. Tarot cards don't tell futures and they're fortunetellers with they can tell you is what's currently in your consciousness. What you're going through what you're feeling what you're afraid of. What you it like. There's already something in you and then you pull the car and you're like oh here's what this means to me right now so. I will write that I might pull one. I might pull five and you know do a quick writing there. I use art a lot looking at my house. I use art a lot. I believe in art as a medium in spiritual practice and a medium and intention setting and a medium in emotional and mental health. I've believe in art I color. My house is fully stocked with coloring books. Coloring pens and Gel pens and felt tip pens and sharpies or one of my favorite coloring tools. The coloring is interesting because it puts your brain into a place where it is sort of free wondering right. You're not having specific thoughts but you can sort of feel them come in and go. There's something about coloring that does make it a fantastic thing to do while watching the TV. I call her when I'm watching. Tv A lot especially in the winter. Winter seems like more of a coloring time of year. Certainly while in quarantine coloring can be amazing and it tells you a lot about how you feel in terms of color choice. I believe in colour as I believe in color as a way to increase your emotional vibration right so bright colors do make you feel more cheerful there science behind that certain colors can be more grounding like you can look up a color and it will have an emotional response to it and I do pay attention to that when I'm choosing my clothes when I'M CHOOSING PAINT FOR MY HOUSE. Ooh In Quarantine. You could paint last year. Oh my gosh. Last year over the winter I was going through some stuff and I didn't have any work. I was feeling a lot of anxiety. I was not well physically and I painted. I highly recommend painting redecorating. Changing things up in your home now at your they're in quarantine people. I quit living like this a long time ago so I sometimes forget that most of the world is still racing from thing to thing to thing as fast as they can with no time to stop and breathe without really considering the objects in their life without really considering the things that fill their time. I St- I reached a point You know after nine eleven was a big point where I reached where I had to seriously reevaluate how I was living in how I was gonNA live. It was a There was a world changing event for sure but for me personally having witnessed it brought a baby into the world. Enlisted Chop as a result like it was Yeah I changed the way I was living in changed the way I t. I intended to live at that point. And over the years as I burnt myself out as an entrepreneur. MOM Go go go go go go go go go so many responsibilities when I when I got sick and burned myself Out from that I I again had to reevaluate how I'm GonNa live right and what I've discovered is that you can make your life much simpler and I think we're at the point now as a globe that we're going to have to make things much simpler but they they just will become much simpler so if you find yourself at home with a lot of time on your hands I definitely would get some paint out and paint your house. I have found Organizing and Clearing And Painting and REDECORATING TO BE GORGEOUS ACTIVITIES. Like beautiful activities to work through fear to work through anger to reevaluate. What your Which plans are. What's your intentions are? How do you want your life to look? I think we're all being presented with this opportunity and I am more familiar with these processes than most people because I have been forced into them prior maybe a little bit ahead of the majority of people on the planet I've been forced into making these changes Sooner and so maybe I have something to offer in terms of helping you understand how to live alone and how reevaluate what your plans are and how to tell what your real values are and how to look at your circumstances and be okay with your emotional response You know what I carried. Shame around for a lot of my life and I don't I don't do it like that anymore You know shame for whatever you're feeling shame about shit. People feel shame for watching too much television. That is another thing that I am going to tell you right now. Watch T. V. Goodness. I think television as a meditation. I watch a lot of television while watching television. I am doing things right. I am processing information while I'm watching television like I am processing feelings while I'm watching television as I said I could sit still and try to think nothing and that could drive a person over the EDGE INTO INSANITY. I have found much better ways to rest my brain then meditation. Meditation is often not rest for the brain. And so don't feel shame that your sitting down to meditate and you're not getting any piece out of it because that is actually pretty common. That is probably I actually. I'm going to the state as a category. In fact that is more common than someone sitting down and actually experiencing twenty minutes of non thought. Okay so really it just becomes about what you're GonNa do with your brain so I watch a lot of television but I'm also very tapped into what I'm receiving from that K- when I watching television I'm conscious about what kind of emotional response or adrenal response or mental activity. Is this TV doing to me. So I'm not watching things that like. There are things I cannot watch. I cannot watch things about our food system and not be really upset. I can't watch it because it's it's. We are so disconnected from it. That once you have the information it becomes infuriatingly frustrating that we're doing it the way we're doing it. I cannot watch fucking news on my God. I've watched more news in the past week than I have in the past. Well since nine eleven like a when they started showing those towers fall over and over and over and over and over and over and over I realized that it was going to do the amount of trauma..

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