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Champion the NHL and at the last second I realized, oh no, he's gonna hit me. And he hit me right in the sternum and I tried to jump up out of the way at the last second because I realized he was going to hit me and I couldn't pivot around him and the Internet stuff. As a media member. Eddie got me like he got me. I went. I went about a spark, your old buddy Steve McIntyre hit crystal Tang in Pittsburgh like this once, okay? In the 2008, 2009 season, Goddard busted his orbital bone earlier in the game and McIntyre didn't realize he was hurt, went back on the ice and he sent a Tang. I kid you not ten to 12 feet in the air on a hit after lathe and I was the same thing and I got up and I knew George wasn't going to fight me. So I skated over and I stuck him as hard as I could as my helmets busted. I only got one glove on and bleeding from the nose from the three point landing I did. And I got up and I grabbed my stick and I just drilled them as hard as he was trying not to laugh, right? But you know, just showed I know how Jeff Cowen felt because Jeff Cowen got hit at once by George and lived to tell about it because when George if you ever got mad, he could hurt his, you know. As for Steve McIntyre, as a recall, you know, you guys had an interesting relationship. He was a guy that I think he did not chase you around once in the minor. Oh, yeah. Oklahoma City at 11 a.m. for a fucking. That was your first game when he got sent down, right? The afternoon special? No, it wasn't my first game. We went back there. We had the game with the SpongeBob, you know, like all the middle school and elementary schools go at 11 a.m.. 14. I was just I think I made one of them singing one night at karaoke. I forget what we were. That burger place. And honestly, I didn't think anything of it, but then somebody told me this guy wants to murder you. So I actually still hopefully I don't see him someday. I don't know if I love Jason. I'm gonna give him a big hug though at this point. I want George rock used to have karaoke contests at his house as well. So I believe it or not, I won one of them. I could see you singing a little rocket man. But it was, it was Elton, actually. I just felt you were an Elton John guy soft. You gotta tell us what's on. The lady iana version. And it was one of those ones where everybody's making fun of the media jackass, right? Like, hey, you know there's like 45 people there. And we got three words in and everybody stopped chirping. I just focused on one of those rare occasions, the song worked for me. You know, I was an emotional thing because I was a big fan of The Crown. I'm kidding. But no, I pulled it off and George was like a shock and the irony is George is quite possibly the worst singer you've ever heard. Like he did a version of vanilla ice size baby. It might be the most wretched thing you've ever heard in your life. So, but a good version of that song. You seem to have a soft spot for the tough guys. You guys got probably nurse and cassian who can handle their own. You mentioned mix in a little bit more meat and potatoes on the bottom 6. Who would you like from around the league? I would mention a Vander Kane, but that looks like it's not gonna happen. Well, I mean, if thin is a Vander can do it when he wants to do it. The problem with nurse is too good. Like he's too good of a player to have like I love Larry Robinson as a kid, partially because he beat the crap out of Dave Schultz and I couldn't stand the flyers. So, I mean, memorable fight on a when CBS used to have Sunday afternoon games, 73 74 season love Larry. And Darnell nurse is becoming that important in that type of player. You can't have a guy like that do it. In terms of calcium, you know, he's got to fight on his terms. Really, he should be a 13 minute a game guy. I think the orders need a guy that's sick, especially given that they've got Connor and Leon. They can play. They can rotate 11 forwards and have a 12 forward play four to 6 minutes a game just to keep opposition like Calgary's got a tough team. Dogger has done a real tough team. Like they got good Branson. They got zadorov, who's willing. He's huge. And then Richie can do it. And then I got a luch. Like, that's not to mention, who has been fighting for the last couple of seasons. So I'd like, you know, I'd like to get his Ross Johnson out of the islanders. I mean, he gave Leon pretty sizable face wash in the game and I'm thinking Evans got nobody to answer that cassian was in COVID protocol at that time. They need a guy that can do a bit a lot and there are fewer and fewer guys like that other major junior Paul as you know. Like now you might have two guys in every team that'll fight. Yeah. I was thinking about asking you today and I love that Delorean and he's a new FA and he's a UFA and I just like, I agree with you. They need something else, something that to take the focus away from the casting and the nurse, but yet when those guys need to, it's like they can come in after, but it's not their main focus. I think it's so valuable and then you see with revo. Some people on social media were laughing about the revo move this summer. It has made that lineup so much bigger and that team so much better in my opinion and that was one thing that they addressed. And I think they're laughing right now. Well, they put sonority on waivers, and if it was me, I don't know if I would have claimed them because he's got a second year, right? At 900 K, but if I'm the audience, I'm finding a way to make a deal. Just unfortunately for Jared, he's not quite as tough as his dad. This is back to bob probert. His dad, when he came up with the rangers in the 86 87 season, he ate like four provis best shots. His dad was big time tough. When I played against him as a kid, nobody would even dump the puck in his corner. He was huge at 12. I was 5 ten at 12. His dad was like 6 foot three at 12. And no one went near him. They should sign you. I'll tell you. If somebody face washed Connor, staff would spear him right in the mouth. Different era, different generation. I wasn't that tough. I don't even think I tied one. Well, staff, thank you so much. It's really good catching up with you. All informed fall on Twitter. Check them out at Edmonton, bob stoffer. We appreciate you coming on and go Euler's. I'm on the train here. I need to run this year. We're going to have to think about maybe jump into another fandom. They better give you a raise for the double wrister you just gave them on our show here. You find all your polish and a turd right now. That might be one perspective and some would say I've become very good at that over the years. But I'll leave you with this when you guys are stuck and can't get somebody better.

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