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Yeah. So this also commitment to denting the the the job done. I mean. Just in that scene, he's so nonchalant about the thing that he asked to do which yeah yeah, he is. He really is yeah. I I guess we can probably as spoilers he has to essentially make this person more more difficult to identify by cutting off their fingertips and also taking out All of their teeth we don't see any of the teeth coming out but we we do. We do see one of the fingers being snipped. It's. And that was one of the things that definitely even though it'd being poorly about ten years. So it sold the film. The previous time really stayed with me it's not not an image you can easily forget so. It's true. This movie is, is shirt full of images like that I mean even from the very first scene Oh, it's GONNA be okay. It's GonNa be that right and. And that's and certainly that's not everyone's kind of movie and I respect that. But I do think that of the films that have graphic violence in them I do think this film uses the violence purposefully that it's telling the story and contributing to who the WHO these characters are and what this world is in how how dangerous this world is. So you have a sense of urgency with which everyone is. You know walking on eggshells as opposed to just slash slash Bang Bang because Gore in Gutting Yada Yada is fun..

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