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This is market place on car result in immigration news today this item from the front pages of the Wall Street journal the trump administration the paper reports is planning to raise the caps on the number of foreign seasonal workers the president's been doing all it can to limit legal immigration during his term but with the seasonal jobs it's been a little bit different marketplace Kristin Schwab has that one Joe Durkin is already thinking about summer he's been operating Mister softy ice cream trucks in New Jersey for more than twenty years in twenty seventeen he didn't get the temporary or H. two B. visas he needed and more than half of his trucks went silent I ran a skeleton crew and I'd lost a lot of money he says it's really hard to recruit locals when they hear oh you mean the jobs done in October at the end of it H. two B. visas are capped at sixty six thousand per year but the law allows homeland security to nearly double that this year the administration reportedly plans to allow forty five thousand additional workers for seasonal businesses like resorts and landscaping a visa lottery application is no guarantee Peter Kramer is an immigration lawyer in Boston you know there's the much much higher demand for the visas than there are actual he says the trump administration has allowed more seasonal workers each year that is restricting legal immigration in other ways just today the public charge rule took effect that allows the government to deny green cards to people who are more likely to use Medicaid or other programs Alan hi teaches immigration law at Rutgers University he says H. two B. visas are a safer bet for the trump administration there are reasonably well regulated they're not the views of it struck to be particularly subject to abuse he says more H. two B. visa workers go back home and work in the ice cream truck owner got a good spot in the lottery and expects to get the V. says he needs to keep slinging those rainbow sprinkle combs and Christian shop for market you're listening to market place on W. NYC on this first day of it W. N. Y. C.'s winter fundraiser and we are kicking it off with a challenge to all of you were asking our listeners to become sustainer is today that's right sixty percent of our listeners are sustaining members it's a quick and easy way to become a member and then not have to think about it again no reminders no worrying did I give am I a member that's right you do it you forget about it you feel good about.

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