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Hi, I'm Dr Dave Janet, director of the Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine and Host of Operation Freedom in the Power Prevention featured health segments, which air from our Freedom bunker every Sunday from 2 to 5 PM it lamb talk 1600 on the shows. I highlight the role of prevention and help make you and your family safer and healthier way. Now have a new website focusing on nutrition and wellness with feature products also listed, hit the Internet and check it out. It's www dot operation freedom health dot com. Operation freedom, health dot com or call 801645 to 418 That's 801645 to 418 We have a special report on the site as well, but 12 bad inflammatory foods to avoid at all costs. Check it out. Bottom line when it comes to prevention. Caring is the first step, but for it to be more than empty rhetoric, action must follow. Hines Park. Lincoln wants to introduce you to the personal luxury dealership experience. You deserve how it starts. With their pledge That only know Lincoln should be just as exceptional and personal as driving one. Hines Park invites you to personally experienced their time honored tradition of luxury service and hospitality at their world class dealerships serving all of Metro Detroit Pines Park. Lincoln is located in planet in an other road. Stop by to 75 Lina Heights Park, Lincoln dot com. Views, opinions and content of this broadcast do not necessarily reflect those of this station or its management. It's time for Operation Freedom with your host, Dr Dave Agenda on Southeast Michigan's conservative powerhouse Lamb Talk 1600 Welcome back to Operation Freedom, folks. I'm Dr Dave Janta Broadcasting from our ancillary bunker, which is linked thanks to the brilliance of Derrick Stone linked back to our main Freedom bunker at Wham. A talk.

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