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We have you know the the guest of this week is is brooks headley from superiority burger up their lower east side share and his cookbook has an all these outstanding like you know vegan vegetarian recipes all of the food is so good right now now the time for delicious fresh cool sides yeah i right yeah absolutely you know where they have a really that's really good and he just made me want it is at richard blazes chicken place for they have that really good slot unlike now craving that now that you mention it crew should yes the credit getting blazed back on and we we need to have him back on i might have to see him this year coming back out to san diego in the fall might have to get together with brother blaze each you you have to come we're going to you have to come down we'll eat all the slaw okay great i'm in i'm in man yeah it's time for time for refreshing foods like you said some coleslaw some good good guac potato salad all the size i love sides dipped sides are part of the dips and desserts lifestyle so that's a great point i like this yeah exactly know the asked brooks whether the there's this like crushed cucumber thing that's going around right now all of the regime seeing it everywhere it's cold cucumbers slightly smashed the smashed you cover thing and you can go see it up however you like a little bit of sesame oil if you wanna go crazy with the little saracho whatever direction you wanna take it but that cool crunch that's been slightly softened so it's not a super hard bite down that's that's the thing it's going around i talked about it with rappaport last week i love all cucumber sides to i'd love an asian cucumber salad i love all right okay i'm hungry me to ally i am hungry as well but i thirsty but first piece of news relates to a non alcoholic beverage it happened to have is los angeles and lebron james we got to begin with that story is the right story to begin with yesterday morning at eight thirty los angeles time i received a press release in my email and it said savannah james and k plus organics and this is what it said with the exciting news that lebron james is going to the west coast to play for the lakers i'm sure you're wondering how do you has to do with food news just as exciting this is exciting news keep going we want to share one of them one of the important factors behind the decision k plus organics the.

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