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Of the fittest to you well that's exactly what it was darwin as cohen tells us conceded there might well be practical advantages to abandoning the weak and helpless but he added that to do so create an overwhelming present many adherence to darwin's ideas were not as squeamish by the time carry buck was borne much of america's intellectual elite had embraced eugenics and had decided that the way to the manifestly unfit was coercion in particular sterilization one of the most committed and ruthless of these supporters was oliver wendell holmes jr how ruthless well nineteen 21 in a letter to a friend he didn't rule out the possibility of infanticide to reduce the number of undesirable buck never stood a chance buck versus bell was the culmination of seventy plus of bad ideas and the rest is history except that it isn't but versus bell has never been overturned by the supreme court in two thousand and water on the eighth circuit court of appeals citing homes his decision ruled that involuntary sterilization is not always constitutional more recently a hundred and fifty inmates were sterilized without their consent in california prisons between two thousand and six thousand and ten last summer attended the judge offered inmates reduced jail time in exchange for undergoing the sect emmys or receiving contraceptive implants eugenics is a terrible idea that won't go away as cone points out the rise of dna editing raises eugenic questions about whether parents should be allowed to modify the embryos of their future children to whether the government be allowed to require it if terry buck who died in 1983 were here today she would remind us that manifestly unfit is in the eye of the and the beholder really isn't squeamish for breakpoint this.

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