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On sovereignty property rights and personal freedom such attacks i repay demise by the implementation of un policies such as agenda twenty one let me emphasize this for my daughter sustainable development sustainable development bad a smart growth in an education the widespread adoption of common core he has a great book out technocracy rising the trojan horse of global transformation i encourage you to go to his websites technocracy rising dot com and also tech technocracy dot news technocracy dot news pat welcome back to operation freedom hey good to be back so pat let's first let's focus now on your red pill expo last year you angie edward griffin who i've just had both of you on his feature guests on our insider inside last your you and gm were griffin put on a conference the red pill expo it was an enormous success to the point where now you're putting on another conference red pill expo in june in spokane washington educate our listeners why every one of them should attend and how they can do that and where it's located and win wow well this year is we're having it in spokane washington which is a very beautiful town in the summertime we've actually secured the conventions center there for june twenty one twenty two and twenty three and we have some of the best speakers on the planet coming and the idea of red pill expo is to break through the matrix of propaganda on multiple topical areas at the same time within the same conference so we have for instance mr tom do we coming from american policy center he's the world's top expert at this point on sustainable development property rights things like that we have people like larry pratt from gun owners of america got to straighten this out on what's going on with all the gun hoopla in the world today and in our country today dr duke past is going to talk about education he's one of the foremost leaders and critics of common core for instance trevor loudon is going to speak mike carl teicher by my friend from canada is going to speak on global religion oh my gosh dave this is could it be a blockbuster we have jim lee coming to talk about geo engineering twyla breys is coming.

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