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Who all of these teams, are I gotta say, first and foremost, I'm very happy that this things back at the United Center and not digging around at MSG, we're in DC or something like that. Yeah. Me too. It's it's always nice to see it at the United Center or Indianapolis. Yeah. I could safely say, I know all the big ten teams without even thinking twice. But and I have to say in most of these comments is I know all of them pretty quickly. See gave me one of the tougher pop quizzes there. I I like it though, I was like trivia like that big ten, you know, if you look at the United Center, not bad shooting backdrop at all the over twenty three and twenty one last forty four college basketball games there if you look at you know, what the United Center looks like I've been there a couple of times. It's definitely not a bad shooting backdrop, I think it's pretty normal. Nice than you. You know? Michigan state gets easier side of the bracket here with going into the good team. But they they have some serious flaws. I mean, we saw that on Sunday. I have to be on with going in money's two and a half of the play of mine on Sunday. And that's about as nerve up as I've ever been on a bed. You know? I mean had to go ticket think a little. Outside after that when went to because while I mean, I want it. But I guess that on Twitter there afterwards. I believe I probably lost two years of my life during the process, but Wisconsin is doesn't have that good guard that matches up well against a team like Michigan state. So I don't know that Michigan state has a really tough match-up anywhere there at the top of the bracket. Maryland can't win on the road. I mean, they don't want on the road all year, Nerlens is a talented team. And I think Marilyn probably have more talented does Wisconsin. But do you trust Maryland? I mean, I don't know. Do do you like anybody from the top of this bracket? Other the Michigan state. No, it's tough. And quite frankly, I don't even really like Michigan state that much there plus one seventy five or do was plus three fifteen Michigan, plus three thirty Wisconsin. Six fifty Maryland, thirteen fifty Indiana thirty three to one's really interesting. I'll explain why the Penn State fifty to one Minnesota sixty six Iowa sixty..

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