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Jermaine jackson heard the gunshots i lost count at the difficile defects that agus nike tell it was two to three different types of god stanley died at the scene the other victims were a man and a woman former first lady barbara bush has been laid to rest in houston matriarch of an american political dynasty barbara bush never let the spotlight change her the former first lady now in her final resting place at her husband's presidential library next to her daughter robin who died of leukemia at the age of three at amazing life marked by service to her country her unwavering faith but above all love for her family that's abc's amy roebuck united nations meeting in sweden today secretary general antonio catanha's expressed optimism about north korea's surprise announcement that they're halting nuclear and ballistic missile testing and closing down a nuclear test side ahead but possible meeting with president trump abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran president trump greeted kim's announcement with glee tweeting this is very good news for north korea and the world big progress look forward to our summit that summit tentatively set for late may or early june a likely factor in kim's decision as he tries to show flexibility chicago police say they're looking for suspects behind the north side crime spree it began with an armed robbery than a carjacking beliefs spotted that corn gave chase the suspects hit a pedestrian and several cars at halston lincoln and fully where the pursuit ended police superintendent eddie johnson and so we have three vehicles taking taking we have an idea or have some good leads on who the individuals are the screen is hospitalized the suspects dumped that car little village then carjack somebody else there sports traffic and weather next on wgn.

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