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Parking lot of the Orange County convention center right now but before you head down there you should know drive to testing is only open to seniors medical professionals and first responders right at that first entry point screening they're just checking ID's so they'll be checking the ID to see if they have a valid agency ID whether their health care or first responder or they'll be checking to see if they're sixty five or older seniors must also exhibit covered nineteen symptoms with the temperature above ninety nine point six before they'll be tested for the corona virus that role movie news ninety six point five W. D. B. L. got an update from the sheriff's office they said that the lines are manageable right now local daycare centers are stepping up to help central Florida as they try to slow the spread of coronavirus some folks are working from home others in the health profession working even longer hours lady bird academies providing free child care nurses and doctors fighting corona virus until April tenth they're also taking health precautions to keep kids safe by limiting the number of people in a classroom to ten bringing kids out to parents Robert T. the cabbie another daycare says its remaining open and also cooperating with local and state leaders and star child academy in winterguard is scaling back activities they're also having kids wash their hands for twenty seconds before heading to the classroom ray computer news ninety six point five W. DB are one of our listeners has a really nice idea when all these pass and we receive the money that we're going to get it make sure you go to a restaurant get a nice meal and make sure you leave a nice statement the data service yup absolutely they deserve that's a great idea and the open Mike has been wonderful your phone calls have been great for the last week and a half and we will continue your phone calls coming up here in about fifteen minutes all right Jean thank you meant twelve twenty now your news ninety six point five W. B. B. O. it's time for the five day brought you by pro Teck air conditioning and plumbing services our meteorologist Cassandra creamy a weak front is pushing into central Florida but not cooling us down a whole lot we will see highs remaining above average that means more upper eighties eighty nine degrees in Orlando mostly cloudy but turning partly cloudy by this evening then over the next couple of days it gets hotter Friday we'll see mostly sunny skies a high of ninety one on Saturday mostly sunny up to ninety four degrees and even hotter still on Sunday partly cloudy skies with a high of ninety five and by Monday we'll keep the skies dry partly cloudy with a high of ninety two from channel nine Eyewitness News I'm meteorologist Kissinger criminal right now Cassandra we're looking at seventy nine degrees in downtown Orlando I've got seventy eight cloudy I don't and those severe weather station and check your bride is here safe touch your D. triple team traffic what's going on out there Jackie what few people out on the road I'm looking into downtown now by colonial so you're not alone if you are working and taking lunch outside with no real slowdowns traffic remains pretty light and steady both directions of attractions looks good as well as Seminole county and you're right on the beach side this report is sponsored by H. and R. block there's a lot going on right now and more than ever will need their tax refund H. and R. block has many ways to do your taxes is safely as possible work with the tax pro remotely drop off or file online black is always there to help with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning we're helping you get to.

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