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W W W news time four twenty one more in a story that we're closely following with the partial federal government shutdown still raging on congressman Andy Levin, speaking in Ferndale says that some workers will be paid when the shutdown ends. But not all unless action is taken. Remember, we have all the contractors who are working who aren't getting paid. And they don't have any prospect of back bay because we don't have control over that were in the house. We're looking into whether we could pass legislation that would provide back pay to very low paid contract workers. Think of a food court at food service workers who make minimum wage and there without pay because that's shut down because their government facility shutter. So we're looking into that. But they're all those contract workers. And then there's the barber shop and the restaurant and the place where people cash their checks and all those local businesses who are also being hurt where they're concentrate. Rations of federal workers like by the airport of the McNamara building or other places who are for let me just say that this, you know, a lot of the workers who are affected can't really come forward and talk about it. One of the guys I play hockey with on Thursday nights is a a sort of an internal plainclothes cop for one of the federal agencies. It's being furloughed. To be honest with you until this happened. I didn't even know about this gentleman's job. But he carries firearm and gets the bad guys. And and he's being forced to work without pay. And I know this guy situation, he's got kids. He's got a family. I mean, I just ask the people of of metro Detroit think of your own family or your siblings or your cousins or your friends? How many of them could go week after week after week without being paid? That's congressman Andy Levin speaking with WWF in Ferndale on Tuesday. The FBI arresting three men at a west Michigan airport for conspiring to support ISIS. Newsradio nine fifty s. Michael Cohen with the latest. Authorities say the three men are Lansing residents. Who are naturalized us citizens? Born in Kenya. One of the men named moose muse was arrested on Monday afternoon at the Gerald r Ford airport in Grand Rapids, as he was sent to board a flight, which was one of a series of stops on the way to Mogadishu Somalia. The other two suspects Mohamed views and Salat Haji were arrested. Shortly thereafter, they're accused of helping him by the plane ticket and driving him to the airport for the flight. Federal authorities say all three defendants pledged allegiance to ISIS through videos. They recorded news and Haji also allegedly discussed using a car to run down nonbelievers here in the us if they could not travel overseas to fight for ISIS. Michael Cohen, WW J NewsRadio nine fifty. Dow is down about three hundred points yesterday. We'll take a look at your money. If the Bloomberg business does coming up WBZ news time four twenty.

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